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1:23 AM on 03.10.2011

Fanboy and Skinny (short blog)

Hello Destructoid,

I have not posted in ages so I know this might seem weird but I swear I haven't forgotten about you and your mother and I are on much better terms. Any who the reason I am writing is to say that I have a podcast. Its called Fanboy and Skinny. It's a weekly podcast I do with my friend and roommate full of nerd news and comedy. We discuss such pressing issues as movies, TV, music, games, and the misadventures of being a retail worker in your twenties. Well if you wish to listen you can check us out at and on iTunes. Listen, download, laugh, or don't I could really care less.


MrJohans0n   read

12:55 PM on 01.08.2010

A short blog about similar game play

Yesterday I watched a video review for Darksiders from IGN, the guy giving the review seemed like a moron to me. Rather than talk about good the game was or how it plays or how original it looks all he talked about was how much he felt it was like other games. Now the guy said that it was a lot like both God of War and the Legend of Zelda games. Now I have Darksiders and I'll admit that its got some characteristics of these games but why is that bad. Legend of Zelda and God of War are awesome games so if its like those isn't that a good thing. It just really gets to me when people complain about a game being similar to others. The way I see it is if someone did it once and they did it right then why "re-invent the wheel." I know how people are about wanting an original game and the games that are similar to others are still original in there own way. For me if a games tries to have too much going on and tries to be "too original" then a lot of times I don't play it for long.

Maybe its just me but I know it really gets on my nerves.   read

8:41 PM on 08.11.2009

Batman Arkam Asylum: Demo. It's a tough one.

Today I downloaded the Batman Arkam Asylum demo today off of Xbox Live, and I must say she's a bitch. It looks amazing absolutely amazing. It's also fun as hell but fuck. I don't know for sure if it's actually hard or if I just suck. Like I said it's really fun and now I'm even more excited for it to come out. It's got a nice combo of stealth and brute force to it. If your enemies don't have guns then by all means kick the ever living shit out of them. But if they have guns on them then look the fuck out. You have to be extremely stealthy especially when there are multiple armed enemies. Trust me I fucked a few times in rooms with multiple enemies and got my ass kicked hard. The detective vision thing is pretty bad ass, it lets you see through walls, see if enemies have guns, find helpful objects all kinds of fun stuff. The demo is pretty long it goes on for a while and its non stop fun the entire time. I'll definitely play it a bunch before the game comes out int hopes that that I can suck less ass. Short blog I know and I know a few may flip on me about or if you've played the demo. But I know it hasn't been out for all that long and I don't know how many people have actually played it. If you are looking forward to getting the game I strongly suggest that you download the demo its work it 100%.   read

10:33 PM on 05.04.2009


Zombies, those undead little fuckers from hell that seem to bring people such enjoyment. Why is it that zombies are so great? Is it that they can not only scare the shit out of but also make you laugh your ass off. Zombies come in so many different shapes and sizes. They are in one word: awesome. Honestly zombie movies though a lot of times corny are still awesome. Shaun of the Dead, hilarious, The 28 days/weeks movies pretty good. Evil Dead and Army of Darkness Awesome as well as Day/Dawn of the Dead, Planet Terror, and Black Sheep to name a few. (for those of you that haven't seen black sheep its about zombie sheep.) Zombies in video games genius. Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil, Dead Rising, Dead Space, Half Life 2 not a zombie game but has zombies in it.

In both movies and games zombies are one of the only things that will scare your face off and make you laugh until you pee. Though disgusting, decomposing, asses they are awesome. In my opinion making a zombie game can never go wrong, unless its Resident Evil 4 or 5 then it can but that's only because of shitty controls. I own Left 4 Dead and love it how can running around shooting Zombies not be fun. Dead Rising, a mall full of tons of stuff all used for beating zombies brains out. The half life zombies are really creepy and mostly dumb but not always. And today I am proud to say that I played Plants vs. Zombies and it is amazing. You plant well plants that are weapons and you protect your house from zombies. You got tons of different plants along with a ton of different zombie types it was some of the most fun I'd had playing a game and that surprised me. Though I did play it while at work so that probably had something to do with it. Zombies I tell ya you can't go wrong with zombies.

The various types of zombies depending on who made the game or wrote the movie. You've got those god damn fast zombies like L4D hunters and the zombies in the 28 days/weeks later movies. You've got the classic stumble around really dumb zombies that don't really fight back. The weird alien zombies from Resident Evil 4 and 5 and Half Life 2. And all the other ones in between.

Out of all the zombie games Left 4 Dead is hands down my favorite I can play it for days and not get sick of it its truly an amazing game. And Shaun of the Dead and Planet Terror are two of my all time favorite movies. Zombies, all they ask for is your brain and honestly is that too much? I think not.   read

9:12 PM on 05.03.2009

Macs and PCs the never ending battle

Alright so I am a graphic design student and my school has a mac lab. Yes a mac lab, an entire lab of mac computers. To some this is awesome and to others this is hell. I myself don't give a shit about either. To me a computer is a computer and I'm getting sick of the retarded excuses I here at school. The number one excuse is "I can't use a mac, its not a PC." Fuck that you wanna know one of the major differences between them other than the way they look, one fucking key on the keyboard. This in my opinion is the only real difference between a Mac and a PC. I know some of you will think I'm fucking stupid and that there are so many other differences well in the graphics world this is really the only difference. The programs look and run the same, a mouse is a mouse, its stupid. People in my classes constantly say they can't do anything cause the mac isn't a PC. And why do you ask is it that they say this, because they can't use the flippin' command key a.k.a. the apple key. Why can't you copy and or past because instead of control c or control v its command c and command v.

This is just going to seem like some kind of moronic rant from some pissed off asshole. Maybe it is maybe it isn't I don't know. All I know is I'm fucking sick of all this idiots and there lame ass excuse for for sucking at the class. Graphics is an intense field and if your not dedicated then leave. Its rough to find a good job and even harder to have good enough work to be excepted and seen as a benefit to the company.

Macs and PCs the age old battle. It's never going to end until Mac users stop being kinda douche bags and PC users stop being winy jerks and nerd. I myself use a PC but for what I use it for I would probably be better off using a Mac. PC users rub it in everyone's face that they use a PC and how "uber 1337" it is and Mac users rub in the fact that they can make pretty pictures and music. It sickens me I find it dumb and pointless. Basically all I was trying to say is don't be a bitch if you haven't used a Mac and if you have don't rub it in everyone's faces.

Thanks for reading my complaining there will probably be more to come, and if anyone thinks that this was stupid and want to fight me or hit me with a car per say, thank you.   read

3:57 PM on 04.28.2009

Whats up Destructoid

Hello I am MrJohans0n and I am new to desctructoid. I like what you got going here, all the post, reviews, everything is excellent. I also like that its updated all the time, kudos to that. Anyway like I said I'm new here and really looking forward to becoming a prosperous member of society.

Not much about that I care to share or that any of you probably care to know. I play video games, holy shit, I play all kinds and all systems. I myself have a 360, a PS2, and a PC. I play guitar. Most of you will probably see me as a guitar wielding douche bag but I'm far from it. I hate that the douche bag ruined the guitar but what are you going to do they ruin everything. I listen to all kinds of music some of my favorite bands/artists are: Queens of the Stone Age, Reel Big Fish, Blink 182, MC Lars, MC Frontalot, mc chris, and The Aquabats. Yes I like ska, I don't care that its "dead" I like it.

I'm in college for graphic design. Yep not much to say there just that and that I'm doing small graphics jobs while I'm in school.

Well that's it, my first post a little about yours truly.   read

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