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MrDandyMan avatar 11:09 PM on 05.18.2011  (server time)
Unofficial Monthly Musing: Outer Heaven

I am new to destructoid. So new in fact that my blog and about me section remains empty. THAT IS UNTIL NOW. You see I recently emigrated here to Destructoid after a admittedly too-long stint over at the fellow gaming blog Being driven away by the Gawker ďmobileĒ redesign of early 2011 (which I fled to from Gamespot after the Jeff Gerstmann firing of 2007) , I found myself searching for a new go-to gaming blog. At first D*toid was off putting. The articles provided similar information, but with the jerking off guy in the Alienware ads and the immaturity and indignation often displayed by the guy with the hair in the daily show (Sorry Max. Such a diva for a guy with the greatest job in the world.), I got the impression of a web site that I didnít care to associate myself with.

It was only a short while later, however, that I would find exactly what I had been seeking in a video game community. Still having not found a better alternative, I decided to try out some more of the features of the site. First I stumbled upon some of the blogs which were surprisingly well written and made me begin to realize that maybe there was something more to all this. Then I stumbled onto the most important feature on the entire website. The thing in the lower right hand corner: The chat. I found that little button that gave me instant access to the guests, the experts, the trolls, and every other sort of type I could hope to or be afraid to find. By clicking that button I found a new home in the strange rabbit hole of a secondary chat I fell into called Outer Heaven. Sure at first I was intrigued just because the name was a reference to Metal Gear, but I ended up returning because of the great people that were attracted to that particular chat. The people with a happy balance of immaturity and depth or perhaps neurosis and confidence, people with whom I felt I had something in common or wanted to have something in common. I found a place where people felt just as comfortable addressing each other by their first names as they did by their handles. These people in this Outer Heaven chat were the best feature I could ask for in a gaming site.

Now when I visit D*toid, Outer Heaven is the first and last place I find myself. I have spent far too much time in this little chatroom. I know just tonight I went there, to the digital social world, for a few minutes before venturing out IRL for a night with friends, and when I came back I wanted to check up on my abandoned OH friends once more before bed. For many of us, it is not only a place for small talk, it has become a place to vent our frustrations, a place for a dairy of sorts, and even once in a while to talk about the video games that brought us all together to this same cyber place in the first place. It is these conversations that are the first and last reasons I feel the impulse to type in D*toid first when I open up my browser.

Outer Heaven is something I want to stick around. I donít know if it is actually in danger; being new, I am unfamiliar with the way things work. I donít know the politics, the way itís always been or the direction weíre moving, but I do know this: I have seen a glimpse of something I like. And I have been told that thing is in jeopardy. So if writing this blog post will get us one step closer to keeping it around, I am glad to have spent this last hour hammering it out.


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