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Hey y'all! Name's Alex Chibante, but my friends call me "Chewie" ( Lame story). If I were to tell you about myself and my personality it would be biased. How you perceive me, for all intents and purposes, is who I am.

I like most games.

Currently a student at the University of New Brunswick

I love raccoons... alot

That's it.



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SPOILER ALERT! Contains minor information about the Dark Brotherhood quest line

Whiterun was a decent place to start up my new idyllic life. After my time fighting for the Empire, Jarl Balgruuf was nice enough to offer me a home in his city as thanks for my staunch defense of the gates. Needless to say I accepted. It was of appropriate size for a man of my standing, and near the forge. I am just a humble blacksmith, spending my days at the forge and my nights with my lovely wife.

I may have slayed several dragons and quelled a rebellion, but this moment was far more satisfying

Day in and day out I worked the forge, slowly mastering my craft. Many of my old brothers-in-arms urged me to continue my life as an adventurer, but I had a family to take care of. The life of a smith was more satisfying than that of an adventurer, believe it or not. When I hit the steel with my hammer it would sing to me, not unlike the way a bandit would sing after I buried my axe in them. albeit less haunting. I saw immediate results from work, the more I forged the more ornate and extravagant my work became. My wife made life even better, though marrying me did crush her dreams of joining a caravan she did not resent me. She managed to open a small shop, and with the armor I forged for her we did well for ourselves.

Nothing like a day of honest work

My wife may not have held anything against me, but I felt as though I was holding her back. My armor was of legendary quality, but without any buyers I was getting desperate for means to make money to give my wife the life she deserved. I was invited to Solitude by my friend's at the Bard's College, and that's when I saw it. Proudspire Manor. That's the house my wife deserved, not that their was anything inherently wrong with our home in Whiterun. As soon as I returned, I got to work. I would make as much armor as I could, and travel through out Skyrim selling my armor to whoever would buy it. I spent hours, even days, at the forge, and it started to take it's toll.

Things started to get strenuous at home

I started becoming desperate for gold. Whatever I would make off my armor, I lost in buying supplies. I had to find more work. I heard of a boy in Windhelm, attempting some sort of ritual. I figured if I got him back to the orphanage I would be offered a modest sum. Instead the boy offered me a contract. Kill the wench who ran the orphanage, and be rewarded. Now I had no intention of killing the woman, until I met her. Grelod the Kind was a vile woman who seemed to take pleasure in abusing the children, but she still didn't deserve what I did to her. Even the children cheering over her body did not help me sleep at night. As I tossed and turned in my uncomfortable straw mattress at the Local Inn, I was kidnapped. I awoke in a shed, and a woman clad in black told me that I owed the Dark Brotherhood for taking their contract. In return for killing one of three people in the room, she offered lucrative work which promised precious rewards. I could only think of one thing. Gold. I accepted.

How could I refuse?

I was shockingly good at being an assassin, and as I got more work I could feel myself slipping. I killed everyone I could for even the most meager of profits. Flower Girls, Cooks, Bandits, Grave Robbers, Bards, no one was safe. What started off as a way to get my wife a new house became my life. I spent days at the Sanctuary, practically forgetting my wife altogether. I had started off the year as a man of simple means, but by the end of the month I was responsible for the death of the Emperor.

I am ashamed to admit that this was the highlight of my life

I had not known that madness plagued me by the time I was able to afford fully furnishing my wife's new home, but she did. My behaviour became erratic. I was prone to violent mood swings, and self-destructive activities, like eating poisonous herbs. My wife thought perhaps working at the forge again would help, so she sent me back to Whiterun to work for awhile.

Even forging didn't feel the same as it used to

I never did see my wife again. Well I never saw her alive again. I returned to Solitude to find her on our dining table with her throat slit. Had I done this, and just blacked it out? Did someone perhaps hold a grudge against me? How could this have happened? To this day I don't how she died, but I did know I was alone. Alone and Free, and what better way to celebrate freedom than with unabashed wholesale slaughter. Thank you wife, If not for you and your constant need for appeasement I would have never embraced my gift. As my good friend Cicero the Jester says " Just... Stab, stab, stab,stab! And then... Stab, stab, stab,stab!"
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Episode 2 of the Chewie Reviewie has Arrived! This week I bring slightly less drunk, delicious drinks, and slightly old games. It's also better this time

Hurricane Cocktails:
Holy Fack these are delicious! Drink for a taste of New Orleans pizazz. Plus they are sexy!

The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion
It's Racist

Other than that it's pretty great. The people all look like puffy oompa loompas. I enjoyed the combat quite a bit, even though I didn't do much of it in the video. You should play it. Even though you probably already have.

<3 Chewie

P.S. Picking locks sucks.

Hello Dtoid Army,

I'ts been a while, but I have returned to the "blogosphere" with the ultimate power! I come bearing a video review for Marvel Versus Capcom 3.... While drunk! Enjoy, my friends!


It was amazing. Absolutely amazing. I joined Destructoid about six months ago after lurking for about a year, and hearing stories about the community from my good friend Volkarin. During my time I have enjoyed meeting several Dtoider late night Skype calls, and founded Dtoid Fredericton with ScottyG ( There are two of us). I went to PAX East expecting a good time, and had the time of my life.

I arrived Thursday night in Boston after a seven hour drive with ScottyG and Volkarin. After going to our respective hotels we met up at Uno's Pizzeria. Before I continue I would just like to mention that my hotel was amazing. There were bathrobes, a rubber ducky, and decent sized closet. A Closet I so happened to sleep in for the weekend. Back to the story. I got to say, Uno's probably has one of the best group of servers I've seen in a while. Phenomenal waitresses that let us take up whole sections of the restaurant. Not to mention they kept track of everyone's bill pretty well. Any place that has a waitress that is willing to help me find a Taco Bell is absolutely amazing in my eyes.

So Freaking Cool!

Any who, So we had a fantastic first night with much singing, though I was bit shy and didn't introduce my self to very many people. That changed Friday night though. The first real day of PAX East blew my mind. Early on I lost my "phone" ( I was using Volkarin's phone, and he totally left me alone) so i found my self wandering the expo floor, and going to interesting panels. I had so much fun wandering about that I forgot to get in line early for the Protomen concert which I had been nerdgasming about since I found about it. Fortunately I'm the luckiest man alive, and I ended at the very front of the stage. I was so pumped by the end of the concert That I had no problem socializing that night.

The rest of PAX went as I had thought. Lots of joy and merriment. Some of the highlights that I haven't already mentioned include:
- Analoge being traumatized by the food court
- An extra long hand shake with Kauza. ( I just didn't want to let him go)
- Nik Monroe. All memories of Nik are fond memories.
- Singing Queen and Journey out side of Uno's
- Zen's awesome chiptune concert
- Playing Miegakure, Limbo, Monday Night Combat, and Splinter Cell Conviction
- Analoge impressions
- Nerdgasming with JohnnyViral at the Rooster Teeth panel
- 321GOcast vs Let'sCybercast westside-story-style dance fight
- Pictochatting in Jillians
- Being forced to Record the "best": Let'sCybercast Sunday Night ( Y'all should look forward to that)
- All the goodbye hugs

My love for you all has evolved into something far to powerful for me to contain. Thank you all so much for making my first time so enjoyable. For cereal, y'all are so pringles it's ridonkulous. Silly words aside, I already miss you all!

Much love,
Mr. Chewie

I recently read Reverend Anthony's dibs on Nick, and decided that I to should place my arbitrary sense of ownership on a character I feel I can connect with.

I call dibs on Coach

Here's why:

He loves Chocolate

I love chocolate too! As a child I was never allowed to eat chocolate because my father was a dentist and believed chocolate was the devil. The next day I ran away, and traveled the world looking for the best chocolate. I eventually grew up and made a wonderful factory. I made the best candy in the world, until that bastard Slugworth started sending spies to steal my recipes. I had to fire all my employees, and enslave indigenous people of the amazon to do all the work. Fucking Slugworth.

Anyways, Like Coach I have a fondness for that silky smooth bar of fermented cocoa seed.

We both use to live in nice neighborhoods

God damn gang bangers. I used to be able to where a mini skirt and halter top without fear of getting raped, but as soon as some thugs appear I have to wrap my self in them ugly ass sweats again. I'll never get me a good brotha wearing that slop, and I know I did not spend $500 on my hair so it can be counteracted with some nasty ass clothing. What's a sister to do.

Also I get more pumped up when Coach shouts his neighborhood line, than any other part in the trailer. Probably has something to do with that booming voice of his.

I can relate

Have you ever tried to run up thirty flight of stairs? It's hard, but good ol' coach pushes on. Of course if there was a helicopter of chocolate waiting for me, I think I could make it too. Not just that though. I used to be fat. Sure I was a kid, and fat kids are nature's way of making joke. I remember one time these kids pinned me down and stared slapping my belly. Then they threw pastries at me, and me eat them. God my childhood was depressing....

And lastly:

He puts Ellis in his place. Oh yeah

No likes Ellis. I forsee him being the butt of many jokes to come.

Literally Fuck Ellis
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The Chewie and Nelson Perspective is a project between Mr.Chewie and Volkarin (Nelson). We will be exclusively reviewing games with Co-op play, as well commenting on what it was like to play one with one another. There will be both a Chewie Edition and a Nelson Edition of our reviews under our respective c-blogs

My experience with Demon's souls has been wonderful. I'll begin with the character customization, both aesthetically and functionally. There are a breadth of options to which you can customize your character, and I'm sure if you played around with it enough you could make some fun creations. My only gripe was the lack of beard options. I could make a measly excuse for a goatee that looked more like my character was eating chocolate than a actual facial hair. Luckily, not having a beard didn't affect the game too much. The stat customization is pretty standard at first. You choose an origin class, each of which have certain perks. I personally chose the Royalty class for two reasons; It was the only class that started at level one, and I like the way the circlet looked on my character.

I had a difficult time at first getting used to the "hard-core" nature of the game, but I was soon able to fight my way through hordes of enemies easily. As i gathered more souls I decided it'd be a good time to raise some stats and upgrade the weaponry. As soon as I saw the luck stat I decided thats where my loyalty would lie. So that's how my Luck/Magic based character came into existence.

Once you figure out what to do this guy is surprisingly easy

I personally found this game ridiculously fun. Every boss fight was memorable, every new encounter challenging, and though the story is rarely mentioned, it too was enjoyable. Each level does a good job of presenting challenges that require different strategies from the last, my favorite being the prison area of 3-1. The games is usually eerily silent most of the time, which I actually enjoyed. The silence adds a sort of tension that preludes danger. Kind of like the calm before the storm. The music that did play, exclusively during most boss fights, was both appropriate and fun to listen to.

The Co- Op is a little different, and takes some time to get used to. For not having voice chat it does work surprisingly well. The PvP on the other hand I found really enjoyable. There is nothing more satisfying to me than killing some one right after they have killed a boss. Plus it's super fun! You know what say, humans ARE best prey.

All in all this a great game that takes me back to a time, when beating a game meant something. I recommend this game to everyone, regardless of whether or not you enjoy rape in the form of repeated digital deaths.

Now for my favorite part :


You guys should all know, Nelson is a phenomenal person to play with. He would consistently took hits for me, while I stayed far behind and enjoyed the amazing scenery. We had countless adventures. I think I'll share one with you.

The setting is the Prison of Hope ( A.K.A. World 3-1)
Nelson and I had just escaped braved the terror that haunted deep inside the hellish antechamber ironically named "Hope". Despair surrounded us as we bolted towards the doors of a nearby church. I looked at him as we ran. I looked at the man who practically held my life in his hands. I looked at the man I called friend. If it wasn't for his very capable hands I would have undoubtedly been penetrated by the long slimy tendrils of the octopus headed guards that patrolled the halls. Suddenly, an arrow flew past me, but from where. There was no one in sight. We continued to sprint. Slowly a dark figure formed out the shadows, and charged us. We fought, and eventually it fell. Nelson waved his arms in victory. Once the celebration was over we proceeded to enter the church, and that's when she a appeared. A beautiful goddess clad in black descended from the ceiling, giggling softly. Nelson prepared for battle.

" No!", I yelled through the online telephone service Skype, " She can't be evil"

" What the f@#K are you talking about", gargled Nelson, " She's the boss"

The poor fool had been taken by the demons. This was obviously the princess that Captain Falcon had sent us to save. Nelson was lost, and I know what I had to do. I prepared to attack, but unsurprisingly they had no effect on him.

" Stop dicking around, and help asshole", he roared. He was gone. The Demons had consumed him. He struck the princess. He struck her repeatedly. He struck her so hard that it could almost be considered sexual.I tried to stop him. I tried to protect the princess. Fortunately when the got hurt enough she made multiple copies of herself. That kinda clued me in that she wasn't a princess, but was actually Fool's Idol . We both ran to the side, and prepared a strategy.

We had to draw out the original, but who ever drew the fire would surely die. I volunteered, but Nelson stopped me. He grabbed my arm, looked me in the eyes, and mumbled, " No Chewie! You have your whole life ahead of you! There's no reason for you to die". We embraced for the first and last time. As we let each other go he whispers in my ear Live life for the both of us. In a flash he was out in the open, rays of energy hitting him from all directions, and that when she revealed herself. On the far end of the room The Fool's Idol sent out a lightning ball far to large for any clone to create. A single tear feel from my cheek as Nelson's charred corpse hit the floor.

I leaped into action, running from pillar to pillar. I was within running distance. I was going to make it. Then I stepped on some sort of glyph that stunned me, and I died.....

Mr. Chewie ~<3
Link to the Nelson Edition
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