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Stealing CoD 4 *Update x2*

This is the update..to the update...to the post about stealing CoD 4. I got the bill and it was only 11 bucks. So there. I finished it so quit emailing me midget porn and telling me that I have not finished my updates. Some bad news tho, my 360 just RRoD'd so I'm sorta boned. Gives me more time for some Wii lovin!


Stealing CoD 4 *Update*

Two things will happen in this post. 1. I will talk about stealing CoD 4 2. I will give my "ADD Video Game review" on Ghost Squad for the Nintendo Wii Okay maybe 3...who knows! First and foremost, It came! I ordered it...


Butt Cheek Chair?

I found it only fitting to bring you dToids this information. I don't know if I have the balls (cheeks?) to sit in this chair but it's appantly good for you as it "provides perfect lumbar support while ergonomically lifting and separating your butt cheeks for optimum comfort." Now I propose this question to you.... Would you sit in this chair? From Geekologie


Stealing CoD 4

I did it. I took the advice of a fellow blogger and ordered CoD 4 from amazon for the dirt cheep price of 11 bucks. I will keep everyone updated when it comes through or if they F it up.


About MrCheeksone of us since 3:26 PM on 11.14.2007

I am a 26 year old gamer that owns about 26 systems that I have collected/bought/had fiancee purchase for me over the years. I live in Northern Va and as well as video games I am also into photography.

I am a gov contracter that works on a helpdesk answering phone calls from old people on how to use their computer. Yes it's as fun as it sounds.

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