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7:19 PM on 02.14.2008

in need of your help!

for a while now i have been having problems finding games to hold my attention.
Ass creed got boring, bioshock just didnt hold me for more than a few hours, is it just me or are there not that many good games out there recently*shrug*. I really liked mafia, Gothic 1,2,3, oblivion, Dark messiah, Hitman series and DS

So all im asking is for you guys to shoot me some game names i can check out that are similar to the ones above. Thanks alot all :)!   read

12:27 PM on 12.30.2007

here i though my xbox was safe.

SOO awhile back my xbox got the ring plague and died. I got ahold of microsoft and sent it in and got a new one ya!

10 mins ago me and a buddy were playing kane and lynch (fukin cool game)
and it rings me again. Here i was thinking i was safe..... god damnit.   read

11:31 PM on 11.04.2007

Living with 2 Non Gamers.

A Few years back at a VW meet i met a now good friend/roomate. After a few years of knowing each other i was asked if i wanted to move in with him and his bro. First off i should explain that my friend and his bro have NEVER been into video games. Hes a gear head type and his bro is mainly a pot head. Anyways i was givn the oppertunity to move in i accepted and bam here i am now. i have been moved in for a few months now 6-8 and in the early stages i recived alot of comments for being in my room hours on end playing video games. Names most of us have been called "nerd" "dork" etc... the petty names. So one night a few months back after finishing off the 2nd bowl on Mr Blue the Magnificant (yes we named our Hooka) lol I was having a craving to play that Level a vintage year from hit man bloodmoney. i retire back to my room sit down boot up my PC witch can be heard from the other side of the house. My buddy walks by and chuckles geek. For a second i pause then i yell " hey you cunt get in here" he walks in and asks "what?" i get up and say sit down shut up and play. he shugs and sits down. i Show him some of teh controls and the story and objectives in the map and he begins playing. After a few hours of playing many words come from his mouth that come from ours while getting sucked into a game. Words like "EAT SHIT!" "TAKE THAT" "OH SHIT!" u know what i say. AFter playing a little bit more i ask him what he thinks and he respones with, "dude.... this is fukign awsome....". We both head off to our to our beds and the next day i get off work head to my room for some casual porn seaching and hes in my room with his bro explaining how to play etc.. like i was the night before. His bro gets just as addicted an spends the next few days both beating the game and having long drawn out conversations about it. Also i will add i have my 360 and PC set up to my stereo and Monitor Analog/digital. After i got them hooked i showed them rainbow six Vegas. They began playing and again hours later stop and converse about the events that took place. Now a few months later i have helped them Built PC's and the Lan games are almost never ending. But now that i sit and think about it im sure what i did was for the best..*shrug*..whatever im about to lan swat 4. lol

i dont belive in correct spelling and grammer. :)   read

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