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My name Is Mattt Clark AKA Mr Fairenhieght, And yes I do realize Fahrenheit is not spelled correctly. I've been into gaming ever since I can remember having the ability to process thoughts, it's always just been so cool to me to be able to experience different stories and situations and actually be in them not just outside looking in. My favorite types of games have long been fighters since Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter 2, However I'm in to most types of games the exception being sports games I do like them but I've never found one I've been particularly into. I game on a variety of consoles from the Atari 2600 though the Big 3 new gen consoles with handhelds in between. I've just recently got into PC gaming it's tough to go form controller all your life to a keyboard though i am trying.
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Mr fairenhieght
4:04 PM on 04.01.2013

This shall be the last message i shall ever brodcast, you see I used to be a Race car driver in the same vein as Lady Godiva, but alas NASA, saw me and recruited me, they told me I'd be perfect for operation Tiger, and that I'd be able to achive my dream of defying gravity.
But, as the men and women of my crew abord the Shooting Star soon found out I was a sex machine, and it all kinda just got outta control, admist the course of the orgy we hit a satellite, and and found ourselfs on our way to mars, which for sure result in a collision, we are currently trying to miss mars conpletely as our pay load is dozens of nukes that will explode, blowing mars up and making super sonic men and women of you.
However, we are currently buring though the skys, and the Shooting Star feels as if its 200 degrees, odds are were about to hit mars, tell my wife I loved her fat bottom.

Mr. Fahrenhiet out.

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