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Mr Wolfe avatar 5:50 PM on 07.18.2013  (server time)
Another reason to love Metal Gear Solid 2

For the past twelve years I've had a pet obsession with Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, to the point where I created my own fan site to raise awareness of the hidden themes of the game and the series since.  The rabbit hole is deeper than you think, and I'd like to be people's guide.

It's not too late to fall in love with the game all over again, is it?

Just this week I've completed the sixth part of what I call "MGS2: A Complete Breakdown".  At this point it's got more than 35 pages of deep, insightful, and original analysis, complete with specially edited and embedded videos, pictures, and obscure facts -- and there's still one more part to go.  What you might find surprising is that the topics aren't the same typical reactions you'd find elsewhere:

- How Kojima used our favorite parts of MGS1 to tease us in MGS2
- How the overwhelming love of MGS1 prompted Kojima to betray everyone with MGS2
- How Raiden personifies the worst kind of Metal Gear Solid fanboy
- How Yoji Shinkawa accidentally stole the spotlight from Kojima's story
- How the story of the game makes no sense at all, and how that is the whole point
- How "Substance" and "The Document of MGS2" reinforce the madness of Sons of Liberty
- How Quinton Flynn ruined the character of Raiden for Western audiences

You may have thought you knew the game, but I guarantee you've never seen it broken down and picked apart like this.  Destructoid has a lot of Metal Gear fanatics, and in my opinion the series has proven to be one of the single most worthy game franchise ever to deserve a following.  I just want to give you another reason to love Metal Gear Solid 2.

I know it can get pretty crazy, but when you stare crazy in the face for long enough, you start to understand how it works.  I don't know about you, but I need scissors.

I also love to discuss the MGS series with other fans, and gamers who never got into it in the first place, so tell me what you think.

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