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3:25 AM on 06.02.2012

The start of something good.(Hopefully)

I recently said I would do a weekly blog post about CoD, I will, but I haven't been playing it and that's when I like to think about things relating to and the game itself. Now I want to do more because I recently picked back up monster hunter(one of my favorite series) and with the coming of new Dark Souls content i'm thinking about doing the same with those two games; partly because I like these games but also because I don't see many articles about these two games on the cblogs.
With Monster Hunter I'm going to focus on how the series has evolved and the reasons why people don't like the series, because lets face it, if you're a first timer with Monster Hunter it's pretty tough to get into, just like my next topic Dark Souls. For Dark Souls I might write about the experiences I have had with the game and I want to start a character in Dark Souls that is determined by you, the reader of this article. I want suggestions, like what style of combat, what should I focus on stat wise, what weapon type should I use. Give me some suggestions for this character that I will write about.   read

2:50 AM on 05.26.2012

Should I do this?

I have been tossing an idea around for about a week and that idea is to write once a week about Call of Duty, things about the game like the community, gameplay, why I hate it but respect it at the same time. I would call it Active Duty(Got any better name please tell me an I may consider it). Basically i'm asking should I do this and if so how frequently(once, twice a week), how long should the articles be, what do you people want to hear about CoD. If your wondering why I picked CoD, it's because it is such a big name in the game industry, people I know rave about it and I really hate, but respect the game series as a whole.   read

1:40 AM on 05.26.2012

Cheating, I don't know why. Your thoughts?

So this morning started as normal and since I finished my semester I immediately got on Diablo 3 to find out I had my account cleared of all my items and gold, except for the items on my demon hunter. At first I was confused but then remembered reading about this kind of thing happening and I got curious as to how they got my account, I only play with people I know and I have never joined a public game, there has to be something I'm missing.

After I had sent in my ticket to battlenet I started thinking why, why do people do this. I get that they can make gold, now especially with the auction house(despite it's problems), but in all why. Why can't people grind like I did for all my items. I grinded for a while and it felt rewarding when I got good equipment. How can stripping an account to get items and gold be rewarding, I know some people just do it for their own benefit, especially with the real money auction house coming.

This brings me to my real point why do people cheat or hack some one's account, whats the deep down reason, is it money, Some repressed feeling of being bullied and now you are the bully or is just because you can? If you spent the time to read this thanks and if you have some you think or believe is a reason for someone to cheat or hack(I don't like using that word) please tell me in the comments.   read

3:16 AM on 05.13.2012

How Gaming can help people.(My Toughts)

Video Games are mostly seen as entertainment and sometimes art, but has anyone really talked about how games have helped people? The answer would be yes most likely, but has anyone really give it much though, I would like to think yes and I might be right. I see games as more then entertaining art, I see them as ways to help out people and kids in need weather is be as a stress release or as some kind of help to get over a shitty day.
Gaming as a stress release is something I believe gaming does, just look at any multiplayer in gaming. I think most of the people who are on multiplayer, namely COD, are on to relieve some kind of pent up stress; while it may not look like it I think they are on a subconscious level. Just listen to a games chat, people are yelling their heads off calling people rude names and other insults. Now it may look like they are building anger(and they might be), but sometimes itís just good to yell and scream at someone just for the fuck of it.
Now just gaming can relieve stress it can also help someone get past a hard point in their day or life. I know of a quite a few people who when they are having a bad time hop on games, including myself. Just playing a game and thinking about the game and not what shitty things happened to you like a break up, a death from someone close to you or something else troubling to you is a good thing. Just as music can immerse you in other things, gaming can immerse you into another world to escape your own for a short time.
I like to believe these ideas because itís what I do; games have helped me past some hard times. When I was growing up and things werenít all sunshine and butterflies in my house I would play games because I wouldnít about what people were arguing about. When I would have a serious break up or was lead on by some girl I really liked I went and played games with my friends and used it to not think about the troubles in my life but to think about how I can make this craptastic day better than it is. These are just my thoughts. Iím interested in what you the person reading this thinks about the topic I have just rambled on about?   read

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