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Mr Van Carpels's blog

3:25 AM on 06.02.2012

The start of something good.(Hopefully)

I recently said I would do a weekly blog post about CoD, I will, but I haven't been playing it and that's when I like to think about things relating to and the game itself. Now I want to do more because I recently picked back...   read

2:50 AM on 05.26.2012

Should I do this?

I have been tossing an idea around for about a week and that idea is to write once a week about Call of Duty, things about the game like the community, gameplay, why I hate it but respect it at the same time. I would call it...   read

1:40 AM on 05.26.2012

Cheating, I don't know why. Your thoughts?

So this morning started as normal and since I finished my semester I immediately got on Diablo 3 to find out I had my account cleared of all my items and gold, except for the items on my demon hunter. At first I was confused ...   read

3:16 AM on 05.13.2012

How Gaming can help people.(My Toughts)

Video Games are mostly seen as entertainment and sometimes art, but has anyone really talked about how games have helped people? The answer would be yes most likely, but has anyone really give it much though, I would like to ...   read

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