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Mr Gilder avatar 7:04 AM on 02.19.2009  (server time)
Sega Announces Border Break - I Spazz Out and Speculate

In the past few months, Sega has been becoming progressively more relevant. Their attempts to gain ground again through bringing titles like Madworld and The Conduit to the Wii are admirable and welcome indeed. According to website The Magic Box, hardcore Sega fans have yet another reason to get all atwitter. The company has announced a new Mech battle arcade game called Border Break. Information is extremely scarce, but apparently the title will allow for 20 player 10 vs. 10 clashes. There is a small, terribly low res image provided:

Looking at this picture got me terribly excited and full of speculation. Besides being a giant robot fanatic of the highest degree, I am a ravenous fan of Segaís Virtual On series. I, like many, believed the franchise to be dead after the generally awful PS2 iteration Virtual On: Marz. I cannot help but be reminded immediately of Segaís fast-paced arcade classic immediately upon seeing the flyer for Border Break. The art, and even the style of the new gameís title are terribly reminiscent.

Itís obviously too early to scream that this is a series reboot from the highest rafters, but I cannot help but wish that Border Break will bring the same competitive, quick, metal smashing action that Virtual-On has supplied for years. The notion of such large scale battles is also very conducive to online play, should a console port occur. Hopefully more details are on the way!

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