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Mr Gilder avatar 8:42 AM on 02.23.2009  (server time)
New Details and Media for Sega's Border Break - Very Pretty, Needs to be Kissed & Loved

Several days ago, I reported that Sega had announced a new Mech combat arcade game called Border Break (BB). My anticipation is now doubled as some new details have emerged. Apparently BB will be running on RingEdge, one of two new Windows PC based arcade engines from Sega. The prospect of such a technology, similar to Taito's Type-X board, should allow for a smooth home port on the XBox 360. This is a prospect that I had hinted at in my original post, and one or two other DToid members had expressed excitement over in the comments section. Twenty player Mech action may be just the thing to convince me to finally renew that XBL Gold account (unless there's also a PS3 version, naturally).

In other unique news, the game will support a touch screen. I can't imagine that this will be very conducive to fast-paced combat, but it should make menu selections, such as equiping your robot, quite a bit of fun. The controls pictured below seem to feature a flight-stick and a bizarre mouse-like aparatus. This would make sense considering the title is running on a PC platform.

(An interesting control scheme to say the least)

I would be lying if I said this setup did not confuse me a bit. I am a tad dissapointed to see that there is no dual-stick configuration. This throws alot of my "spiritual successor to Virtual On" speculation right out the window.

The most important thing in all of this is that new media has also emerged. Check out this excellent screenshot.

(Just look at the detail on the back of that Robo!)

Of note is the extremely intricate HUD. This leads me to believe that BB will be much more than just an pick-up-and-go arcadey affair. Perhaps your mech will be persistantly customizable using a card system like Sega's popular Initial D racing series. That would be excellent. Be sure to check out The MagicBox's story for a buttload of new images, and a much prettier version of the poster than what I had for my original article. The real icing on the cake lies on February 19th's update on The MagicBox. If you scroll down, you'll find movies!

Sega's Border Break has the gamer, and giant robot fan in me frothing with joy. The new screenshots have me absolutely enamored with the designs for the game's Mechs, and the unique control scheme has my curiosity piqued. If there was ever a time to lament the death of arades in America, now is that time.

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