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Mr Gilder avatar 8:20 AM on 04.01.2009  (server time)
Leaked Screenshots Show Classic Nintendo Bruisers to Appear in Punch-Out for Wii - Bowser, and Max from Advance Wars Confirmed

It appears as if hardcore cries of Nintendo having forgot all about their old-school fans may not be falling on deaf ears after all. Fans who lament the fact that Ninendo's quirky title Captain Rainbow will probably never see the light of day on American shores for it's hilarious inclusion of classic Punch-Out star Little Mac might be pleased to know that things may be coming full circle. A series of leaked screenshots are showing that afew big-bad mamma-jammas from Nintendo's past might be making cameo appearances in the new Wii iteration of the old-school game. The historic cast of King Hippo and Glass Joe will be joined by Advance Wars' broad-shouldered, heavy weapons expert Max, and Mario's fire breathing rival Bowser.

I'm just yanking your chain.

Check your Calender! Happy April Fools!

Sorry! I couldnt' resist!

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