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Mr Gilder avatar 6:13 PM on 01.01.2009  (server time)
Horrors of the Internet: Shadow of the Colossus Cosplay

On most days the internet really is a tool for good. The world wide web links us globally and provides us with an infinite well of easily accessibly knowledge. On other days, the internet is a cesspool of untold horror. Today is one such day.

Not but 30 minutes ago, I was casually combing the depths of the intertubes during some spare time before dinner on a hunt for a fresh Desktop background. This is what I found:

Now, I'm going to go out a a limb and say that, although most of us have boundless love in our hearts for Team Ico's brilliant Shadow of the Colossus, most of us would cap that love off at attempting colossi cosplay. To say that I am impressed by this spectacle would be a massive understatement. The sheer volume of creativity, ingenuity, and overall hard work that must have went into building this unique costume exists on a level that I cannot fathom.

My awe, however, does not skirt that fact that is it unbelievably SCARY. I spent 3 hours out of my afternoon today playing EA's excellent Dead Space. In none of that time did I encounter anything as positively mortifying as this man's getup. The combination of that dead-eyed, Batman Begins scarecrow mask, and what my imagination envision the uncomfortable swagger that can only be his walk to be has put me in a state of shock.

Congratulations Shadow of the Colossus cosplay man. You are a true horror of the internet, and you will occupy a special place in my deepest nightmares tonight.

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