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Mr Gilder avatar 9:01 AM on 05.21.2009
A Very Happy Birthday to Mr. T [NVGR]

Today, 57 years ago, a very special man was born. One of twelve children of a Chicago minister, Laurence Tureaud would rise from humble beginnings in a city housing project to become something far greater than the sum of his parts . . . a popular culture icon.

On the 21st of May, we come together to celecbrate the existence Mr. T. A true man's man. T worked as a military policeman, a bouncer, and even a bodyguard to well-known stars like Michael Jackson and Steve McQueen, before coming into his own as a celebrated performer.

Of course, most relevant to us here on DToid is last month's fantastic announcement that developer Zootfly will be creating an action packed title based on T's graphic novel. The promise of pummeling Nazis in South America while controlling our favorite gold-clad A-team veteran is enough to get anyone excited.

Hats of to you Mr. T, and happy birthday. I pity the fool who does not wish you the best on this day.

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