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mrandydixon avatar 4:43 PM on 09.30.2011  (server time)
T3HM0RR0W's 4V4T4R's PAX Adventure!

Hi! My name is T3HM0RR0W's 4V4T4R and I went to PAX with Mr Andy Dixon this year!

Mr Andy Dixon let me borrow his account for the day because he's too drunk to blog, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to share my PAX adventure with you! Let's go!

Here's me riding up to Seattle in Mr Andy Dixon's car:

Responsible avatars always wear their seat belts!

The first thing we did when we arrived in Seattle was stop by knutaf's house for a visit. I met all sorts of neat people there, not the least of which was Occams electric toothbrush!

He just flew in from Louisiana and boy are his arms tired! (Also shown: AlphaDeus' and smurfee mcgee's avatars!)

Shortly after we arrived, LawofThermalDynamics showed up with ChillyBilly's avatar. Group shot!

I have no idea who that douche in the Mtn Dew shirt is, by the way, but he was with me ALL WEEKEND LONG.

After settling in, we went to lunch with Corduroy Turtle, knutaf, COM 01 and the gang!

Corduroy Turtle wasn't making a face... he just LOOKS like that.

Later, during the exact same meal that totally wasn't on a different day and in a different restaurant, the Mtn Douchebag forcibly licked mustard off my face after I ate a cheeseburger. I tried calling for help, but then I realized I was just a piece of paper :(

Those new guys are SteezyXL and Qalamari. One is black and the other is white.

Luckily, Qalamari cheered me up by letting me don Blue Justice!

I'm the one in the hat.

After lunch, a bunch of us went to a bridge to have our pictures taken:

We don't have bridges where I come from, so this was a special treat indeed!

Immediately after the bridge and totally not on a different day we met up with Gobun in a very dark room full of men who had accidentally forgotten to wear clothes. It sure was dark in there! Lots of men, too!

Gobun didn't like having to stand next to LawofThermalDynamics very much.

Also in the dark room was Daniel Starkey of front page fame. I wonder why he and Gobun were in that dark room together?

Seriously, what were they doing in that dark room together?

Emerging from the dark room that Gobun and Daniel Starkey spent all their time together in, we ran into Xzyliac and AngelEena!

Xzyliac is the guy. No, really!

Now that the introductions were out of the way, we thought we'd better head over to PAX. We sure did see lots of neat things there!

Occams electric toothbrush posing with AlphaDeus' avatar, Master Chief and me.

Posing with some Halo cosplayers along with Handy's and smurfee mcgee's avatars.

The Mtn Douchebag and me posing with Carmine.

The Mtn Douchebag and me posing with Marcus Fenix.

Me, Corduroy Turtle, and one of the unlimited dragons from Skyrim.

No, FemShep! Don't do it!

Is it weird that these two followed me around most of the weekend?

Hey, those are the guys from Mega 64!

Double hey, that's Ken Levine! And he's holding a Dtoid sticker! (Oh, and the Mtn Douchebag.)

Whew! What a fun time!

After all the excitement from the convention, I didn't think things could get any better... and then I ran into a bunch of Dtoid celebrities!!!

Tara Long!

Max Scoville! (Aaannnd... the Mtn Douchebag.)

Hamza Aziz!

Chad Concelmo!

Jim Sterling!

Some... other guy? No clue who this guy is. But check out that smile!

Talk about a weekend! Not since I was cut down, chopped into chips and pressed into paper have I had this much excitement in such a short amount of time! I saw so many awesome costumes, played so many great games and met so many amazing people... it was truly a life-changing experience, and one that I will cherish until I crumble into dust.

As much fun as it was hanging out with Mr Andy Dixon, though, next year I really hope T3HM0RR0W can make it out with me. Why?

'Cause there's a helmet with his name on it :)

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