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RenegadePanda's package is the biggest yet!

As I mentioned in yesterday's blog, I recently received packages from fellow Dtoiders garethxxgod, T3HM0RR0W and RenegadePanda! I've already shown you the awesome stuff that garethxxgod and T3HM0RR0W sent my way, so now it's time for the grand finale that is RenegadePanda!

Note: RenegadePanda actually sent me a bit more than what you see here, but a few of the photos fucked themselves in the ass when I transferred them over and I can't seem to post them :( Sorry!

Tee hee!

These art books are fantastic! The Dead Space one in particular makes my ball hair stand on end!

Nice! Now, does anyone have an extra Wii Motion Plus remote lying around?

Note: think of a funny way to say "a carrot is just an orange boner" before posting!

I can't watch this until I've caught up on the games themselves, but I hear it's pretty sweet!

Guess what's going up in missalicedixon's room the next time her mommy goes on vacation???

Awesome, awesome stuff!

And to top it all off, he made me my very own custom game manual!

Fucking. Hilarious.

RenegadePanda, I can't express how happy your package makes me. It was just the right size, and you knew exactly how to get the most out of it without wearing out your welcome, and for that, I thank you from the bottom of... my bottom.

Thanks again!
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