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mrandydixon avatar 1:08 PM on 04.03.2012  (server time)
Meet the newest members of your Community Team!

As you may recall, we recently announced a few changes that directly affect you cblogging badasses. Many promises were made, some of which have already begun to be fulfilled, and more fruits of your labor will be seeing the front page soon! In addition -- while I don't have any announcements yet regarding the looooong-awaited upgrade to the cblogging software -- I DO have the distinct pleasure of (re)introducing you to my two newest team members!

First up is Conor Elsea, or, as you knew him previously, Jon Bloodspray. Conor will be taking over for Jesse "Tactix" Cortez on the Community Groups side of things and keeping a spotlight on the NARPs, as well as helping Hamza and the rest of our team organize parties for our official get-togethers (like the upcoming PAX East, for example). Additionally, he'll be helping me select blogs for promotion; best start kissing ass!

Oh, and he plays the guitar, too!

The second heir to the Boner Throne is Spencer Hayes, formerly CrimeMinister. You probably know Spencer from his time with the Dtoid Communicast and also as Hamza's Intern Bitch. Well good news; now he's MY bitch!

Spencer will be taking over as your Team Fortress 2sdays guru (starting tonight!) and also helping me ban the assbots and spamholes from your midst. I met Spencer at PAX once and he tried to hug me; it was gross!

And that's it! I for one am incredibly excited about the renewed energy flowing through the cblogs for the last couple weeks. Let's keep this fun train rolling!

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