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It's Niero's party and I can cry if I want to


My time as a part of the Destructoid community has been phenomenal. Every aspect of this website -- a fucking website! -- is ingrained in my very being, so much so that I can no longer function without it.

I can't remember anymore when I finally took the plunge and clicked the "create profile" button to bring to life the Destructoid user known as mrandydixon, but I can tell you that my first blog went live a year ago this month, and--hey, wait a minute! That means it's my birthday, too!


"But wait!" you exclaim with much gusto. "The first blog I see in your profile is from April, not March! LIAR!"

"That's because I deleted my true first blog." I reply with the cockiness of a zillion cigarette-smoking boners. "Deal with it."

In all seriousness, Destructoid has brought an unfathomable level of satisfaction to my life since the warm welcome I received with that very first blog. It long-ago evolved from a website that brings me my gaming news into an integral party of my every-day life, both on and off the web.

I have plenty of "real-life" friends, but few do I know as well as some of my fellow Dtoiders. Whether you're a fellow Friday Night Fighter or just a front pager with whom I've shared some witty repartee, you've all made an incredibly positive impression on my life, and for that, I will forever be thankful.

But wait, there's more! It's also missalicedixon's first birthday in just two weeks, and you haven't seen her in MONTHS! What kind of a father am I, anyway?

How do I remedy this? Oh, I know! Have some randomly-selected photos from my phone!

I know, right?

I have a Facebook profile, but I can't remember the last time I used it; the fact that I'd rather share my daughter with my fellow Dtoiders than with the people I know in "real life" speaks droves to the level of love and appreciation I have for Destructoid and its community.

Thanks for making me feel at home.
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