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A MODest announcement

by Mr Andy Dixon   //   3:49 PM on 01.21.2013

Greetings, fellow Destructoid traveler! I come bearing exciting news!

In an effort to cut down on spammers in the comments section, we've promoted several Dtoid community members to "mod" status within Disqus. (See, I told you this was exciting!!)

As of this moment, the following Dtoiders have been granted the ability to mark comments as spam, edit comments containing racist or otherwise prohibited terms, and help to keep us free of the annoyances of the Internet:

Occams electric toothbrush
smurfee mcgee

Each of these users was hand-selected by your community team due to a) their trustworthiness, and b) their overall level of activity in the comments. Let's give 'em a hand!

Of course, for the majority of you, Dtoid will still be business as usual. But rest assured that the 12 extra hands we now have swatting spammers will make Destructoid a better place for us all.

Anyway, that's it! Thanks for reading, and thanks to all our new mods!Photo view gallery
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