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mrandydixon avatar 3:37 PM on 04.02.2012  (server time)
10 things you didn't know about Mr Andy Dixon

*And I missed out the first time around :)

1. I'm a published writer

No, like, a real one.

Back in my college days, I used to write a lot of short stories; as a creative writing major, I didn't have much of a choice. And because it's what you do when you want to be a writer, I submitted the "good" ones (which I now hate) for publication, and somehow I actually managed to dupe someone into accepting some! Not only that, but I actually won the Best Short Story Award two years running! Granted, it was just a Southwest Washington literary magazine with maybe a few thousand readers to its name, but it was pretty badass nevertheless.

And no, you can't read them.

2. I don't "get" Japan

Anime, JRPGs... pretty much you name it and I don't get it when it comes to Japanese entertainment. I blame a lot of this on my childhood; I never owned a PlayStation system growing up and barely played my Nintendo (more on that below), so the majority of my gaming time was spent on a PC playing western RPGs and FPSs.

I've since tried playing a Final Fantasy game (hated it) and watching some so-called "good" Anime (didn't hate it, but it certainly wasn't my jam), but I think at this point I'm just a lost cause.

3. I missed A LOT of games growing up

You know that favorite game from your childhood that everyone always says "Oh yeah! I loved that game!" about whenever you mention it? Yeah, I've probably never played it.

Unless it was Mario or Zelda or the PC, I missed the boat for the most part. Granted, I have played a lot of PC games that nobody besides maybe Stevil has heard of -- S.C.A.R.A.B., anybody? -- but that's no replacement for every other great game everyone's ever played when I'm socializing at a party.

4. I got a DUI once

When I was 21, I drank too much, stayed up all night playing videogames at a friend's house, and fell asleep at the wheel on my way home the next morning. If you had seen the scene you'd be surprised I came away with my life, and I'm thankful to this day that there was nobody else around when I drove off the rode. It isn't something I'm proud of, but it DID teach me a lesson and I haven't driven after more than two or three beers (or while tired) since.

5. I brew my own beer

Note to self: Great segue, Dixon.

I recently purchased the equipment required to brew my own beer and have since made two batches. The first batch turned out great, while the second batch... well, this happened:

One for two ain't bad, right?

6. I really like Mountain Dew

OK, so you probably already knew this, but I fucking LOVE Mountain Dew. In fact, I'm drinking one right now!

7. I work for an oil company

This is one of those things I'm actually a little ashamed of, as it doesn't align with my politics in the least. However, a wife, kid and motherfucking BILLS necessitate that I bring home money, and this is the only means I've found since college that helps me do that.

It isn't one of the big ones or anything -- we basically just pick up gasoline at a terminal and deliver it to a station -- but still, it IS an oil company, and I work for them.

8. I saw my parents fuck once

Been trying to make that "twice" ever since, but they started locking their door :(

9. I really like my family

I actually enjoy spending time with my extended family. Parents, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins -- none of them bother me, and I almost always look forward to family get-togethers. They drink and play games and it's always a light-hearted time when we're all gathered. Go figure!

10. My wife is pregnant

So yeah. Looks like I'm having another one of these:


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