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Mr fairenhieght's blog

5:28 AM on 11.16.2014

Fahrenhieght's Tomodachi Experience

                    Tomodachi Life is a strange game.Stranger still I bought it for reasons I don't even grasp it didn't look like something that would be fun, but as soo...   read

5:28 PM on 04.29.2013

My Memories of the Call of Duty franchise

Call of Duty:Ghosts has been teased and already I can see the hate flow though the gaming community I love. What I feel I should explain first is that I love videogames of all kinds and grew up playing the classics and to thi...   read

4:04 PM on 04.01.2013

Please stop me now

This shall be the last message i shall ever brodcast, you see I used to be a Race car driver in the same vein as Lady Godiva, but alas NASA, saw me and recruited me, they told me I'd be perfect for operation Tiger, and that I...   read

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