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Mr fairenhieght's blog

5:28 AM on 11.16.2014

Fahrenhieght's Tomodachi Experience

                    Tomodachi Life is a strange game.Stranger still I bought it for reasons I don't even grasp it didn't look like something that would be fun, but as soon as I heard about I thought constantly about getting it and eventually did.(to the dismay and confusion of my best friend) I still don't know entirely how I feel about this game.



                 So, first off for those who don't know this game is more in line with the Sims then anything else but you have less control of what is happening. You populate your town with friends,  Shaq, and superheros then they whine at you and you do things like dress them and feed them and look inside of them till they are happy,Dress them up and give them things they sometomes play with. The actual fun that happens in this game is the result of the random stupid stuff that happens when the Miis are interacting with each other, they get in fights, fall in love(NO Gay LOVE ALLOWED THOUGH "Please Understand") they have contests, and settle down, anyway here are a few things that I've had happen that made me happy I own this game.




               Adam Simrell is a Snailman. So, I put all my best friends in to this game and of course the first thing I did was try and screw with them I put them in dresses, I made them say stupid?creepy things, but Adam he got the worst of it. See my friend Adam hates this game but while I was showing him his chracter I noticed he was sleeping And that I could go into his dream! Well when I did this we witnessed him dream he was a Snail He woke up went back to sleep and dreamed it again! What had I done to him? Adam asked nothing I replied you set the stats for this one to be in line with your personality I said. Well, he was kinda pissy that day so I spent my time teaching him snail songs, dressing him up as a Snail the best I could and exclusivly feeding him snails as food, pretty soon Shaq started making fun of adam all the time, and well moral of this story I'm a pretty Crappy person to be friends with and Tomodachi Life was worth it just to piss my friends off.

               A few other not as awesome but funny Things I experinced were, Making Hilter A Thing wearing Musical Actor I have a bunch of songs from raps to balleds that he sings but Join the Nazi Regime is my favorite(I am not a Nazi fan its done in a mocking way) The other thing that happened was while trying to get my wife to fall in love with my character, she fell in love with every other Male on the Island Icluding Snailman Simrell, so yeah that kinda backfired for me....








5:28 PM on 04.29.2013

My Memories of the Call of Duty franchise

Call of Duty:Ghosts has been teased and already I can see the hate flow though the gaming community I love. What I feel I should explain first is that I love videogames of all kinds and grew up playing the classics and to this day still support and love anything that is unique and weird.Basicly I feel I have to tell you im not a bro gamer who only likes him some Halo, COD, and Gears of War, although I do find some of those games fun.
My first experince with the COD games came when me and my friend Josh were skating down to the local Game Crazy. We went in and they had COD:Big Red One (Im thinking this can't be the name but its what i remeber it being) on one of thier demo systems, my friend and I were blown away by the graphics and gameplay we took turns playing and beat that game in the store. I remebered thinking that game was magic because untill then Josh had never really been into games.
Fast forward years later I started my first job at Chuck E. Cheese's and I was sorta shy and wasn't really clicking with anyone but this guy at work named Devon asked me if I had a 360. I just happened to have bought one recently and said yeah, we traded info and not much really came of it untill one day while I was playing COD WaW I got a message from him. "Hey you should hop off that crappy game and get on COD MW". A week later I picked it up and was hooked, but more importanly though playing that game with Devon I got to know him and we've been best friends ever since.
Then came Black Ops and the begining of a whole new friendship with Devon's Roomate at the time Jon. Jon also worked with us at Chuck's but I had limited interaction with him untill Black Ops came out,see we were in the same Clan on both MW 1 and MW 2 but, only really played with each other when Devon was on,untill BLOPS. Devon had moved over to the Ps3 to play BLOPS but being that I didnt want to buy the game twice I stuck with my 360 copy as did Jon, so naturally we played together, we ended up playing something like 7 hours a night but the fun was us just bullshiting with each other and we also became life friends due to COD.
On April, 18th 2012, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 C testicular cancer and had to under go Surgery and Chemotherapy, while going though chemo I was so weak I couldn't really get into any games but boredom and fear don't mix well so I began to play MW 3(and the second magic the gathering game) . Not only did it help to keep my mind off what is happening but my friends were able to play with me and it brought back some normalcy to my life, for which I desperately needed.
Now, I'm better its a year later and I beat cancer, and am playing BLOPS two on and off and still having a blast. Which isn't to say that I can't see why this series is getting the hate it is for the most part the campaigns are ehh at best and the series isn't doing a lot to revitalize itself, but man I still hope that Ghosts comes out and brings me some more joy and good memories.   read

4:04 PM on 04.01.2013

Please stop me now

This shall be the last message i shall ever brodcast, you see I used to be a Race car driver in the same vein as Lady Godiva, but alas NASA, saw me and recruited me, they told me I'd be perfect for operation Tiger, and that I'd be able to achive my dream of defying gravity.
But, as the men and women of my crew abord the Shooting Star soon found out I was a sex machine, and it all kinda just got outta control, admist the course of the orgy we hit a satellite, and and found ourselfs on our way to mars, which for sure result in a collision, we are currently trying to miss mars conpletely as our pay load is dozens of nukes that will explode, blowing mars up and making super sonic men and women of you.
However, we are currently buring though the skys, and the Shooting Star feels as if its 200 degrees, odds are were about to hit mars, tell my wife I loved her fat bottom.

Mr. Fahrenhiet out.   read

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