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Mr Wilson
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Bored At Work Contest - Make Me Laugh!!!

Im sitting at my desk trying not to stab myself in the eyes with these cheap ass pens that we have in the office. I need a good laugh so I decided to have myself a little contest. I have two little prizes up for grabs. The ...


Go to Target....NOOOOW!!!

So yesterday I was at work reading c-blogs, instead of working, like usual. I came across UnstoppableJuggernaut's Scene-It at Target blog. I thought to myself...I have that shit already...fuck this. But alas, I decided to swi...


Quickblog - 20GB 360 HD - $25

Hey all. I just stopped by real quick to let anyone in the market for a new 360 know that Target is clearing out all the 20gb 360 HDs to make room for the new 60gbs. I just picked up 2 for $24 and change each. Its a great d...


New to the Scene: PS3

After a series of shady deals and trades on the good old list of Craig's, I found myself the owner of a Nintendo Wii. I had a ton of retail games, vc/wiiware games, and accessories. For a time they made me happy. We had a goo...


FYI: Huge Gamefly Sale

Just to let everyone know, Gamefly is having another big used game sale. XBOX 360 Clive Barker's Jericho $9.99 John Woo Presents Stranglehold $9.99 Blacksite: Area 51 $12.99 Darkness $12.99 Kingdom Unde...


Finally went HD...DVD???

This is going to be short, but I finally chose an HD format. Yes. I went HD DVD. Why would I do something that dumb? Well because I found the 360 Add-on with King Kong, Transformers, Superman Returns, and the Planet Ear...


Adventures In Craigslist: DS Lite Hunt

So...Like I stated in my "getting a Dreamcast" post, I am a fucktard. I used to sell consoles and games when I got bored of them, usually forcing me to re-buy them months or years later when there is a sudden urge to once aga...


Reflections: The Best of the Dreamcast.

Im going to make this short and sweet. I want to know everyone's favorite games for the Dreamcast. I'm going to break it down into a few categories. See below. Top 5 "Mainstream Games" - Meaning big name titles and sequels...


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