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6:45 PM on 03.30.2009

Cheap games FTW

So I was looking though the Games Marketplace on XBL and I noticed the deal of the week is Alien Hominid HD. For this week only the game is 50% at only 400pts, which I think is like 5 bucks.

Basically the game is a really awesome Side scroller developed by The Behemoth, you know those dudes who made Castle Crashers. The game is completely hand-drawn and it looks beautiful. Now If this game is not worth 5 dollars I don't know what is. So go and download it if you haven't.   read

7:25 PM on 03.17.2009

Expanded Universe: Star Wars, Games, and Bookery [Repost]

(due to the recent flood of birthday well wishes and my lack of foresight I posted it at a bad time, therefore I'm gonna repost this.)

First off Happy BIrthday to Niero and DToid, Samit, and whoever else Ima forgetting.

Second, I love expanded universes. They make the world more believable and therefore the game more enjoyable. I wish every game had a rich story behind everything in it's respective universes . And I believe Star Wars does that better than anything else out there.

Thirdly when I saw the monthly musings post "Expanded Universes" or some such, I immediately thought of Star Wars and the enormous data base that is the expanded universe. (see wookieepedia There are Hundreds of Novels, comic books, and video games. There are thousands of toys and such memorabilia. The amount of stuff spawned by Goerge Lucas' brain child is phenomenal.

At an early age I was introduced into the world of Star Wars. I watched the original trilogy when I was only 6 or 7 and have watched it probably 20 time since then. When the Phantom Menace came out I was not more than few years older and with youthful abandon I watched Episode 1 unaware of the implications of midichlorians or the bumbling fool that is Jar Jar Binks. Unsoiled by the cynical mind I possess today I was able to enjoy the disaster that is the prequel trilogy.

Not much longer after that I began to read full length novels and soon discovered The Thrawn Trilogy, a story involving the almost comeback of the empire after the events of the original trilogy, by Timothy Zahn and was forever (forever being like 4 or 5 years) enthralled by the exciting adventures penned by authors whose names are not Goerge Lucas.

Enter the Expanded Universe.

In the many comic books and novels is in my opinion where the wealth of the expanded universe of star wars lies and with Timothy Zahn's epic I discovered it. Besides the exciting story I was intrigued by the unfamiliar but compelling new creatures, locales, ships, aliens and characters I encountered. As I read more star wars novels I found many of the same elements in each book, I was fascinated by the idea of a universe "anyone" could contribute to and needed to know more. As I scoured the web with my thirst for fictional knowledge I happened upon Wookieepedia. I would spend hours on Wookieepedia reading about my fictional idols, the weapons they use, their arch enemies, and the planets they hailed from. For whatever reason I really enjoyed it and now have an excellent command of generally useless fictional knowledge.

Now for something more Vidja game related, aside from books I also played most every Star Wars game I could get my hands on. Republic Commando, Battlefront, Obi Wan, battle for naboo, shadows of the empire, Jedi Star Fighter, and Knights of the Old Republic to name a few. These games allowed me to live in the star wars and some helped me to escape better than others.

I believe that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is the single greatest piece of Star Was media ever conceived, perhaps second only to that of the original trilogy, though being a gamer I'd rather play a game than watch a movie. KOTOR is one of the defining games of my youth. Having played and beaten it countless times it ranks among my favorite games of all time. Though that is besides the point. KOTOR in my opinion Expands the Star Wars universe more than anything else. Being a couple thousand years prior to the movies Bioware had to invent nearly everything. There is hundreds of suits of armor, swords, guns, corporate entities and the like in the game, and each came with a one or two hundred word explaining origins, uses and other things of that nature.

Thanks to the incredible backlog of lore that came with the game I was able to be completely immersed in the world. I felt like the world of KOTOR was real it made the experience much more fun than it otherwise would have been.

Anyway that's all I got, I hope it was too long or too much of a clusterfuck.   read

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