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Hi. I'm James, and I live in Sydney and I play video games and read comic books. I really like gangsta stuff cos I'm asian. I think Biggie is gangsta enough, and so is Lone Wolf and Cub. But I do also listen to Pavement, cos Stephen Malkmus is sort of tough in a kinda brittle way.

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This is what I live on when I starve myself for days on end:


Mr Jamie
10:58 AM on 03.24.2009

Will be heading off to Taiwan the day after tomorrow. ALso known as the 'Republic of China'. Yes, the other China.

I seriously do not know where to visit in Taipei. Hopefully there will be places that'll tickle my fancy instead of the usual tourist spots.
I'm definitely looking forward to shopping for tech over there, and hopefully it'd be eye-opening in terms of shit I'm might not be able to get over here in Aus.
Oh, and another thing I hear that is good in Taiwan is the food. All kinds of different eateries and delicious cuisine at loose change prices!!! Finally a holiday where eating and getting fat is part of the attraction!
I'm gonna try to finish GTA: Chinatown Wars on the plane and maybe even get some readin' done. By the way I wonder if anyone has picked up on any film references in Chinatown Wars. Infernal Affairs anyone?

Random thoughts:

I find that being single again gives you so much more time to do the things you enjoy again like games and computers. When you're in a relationship, you sorta unwillingly lose interest.

Been playing Mass Effect alot these days. It's one of those games that I seemed to have forgotten to play after I've bought it. You can say I'm a bit addicted to it now, but half the time I'm just trying really hard to hope and not have to pretend it's as deep and all-encompassing as I wished it would be.

Yes, it's one of the many exciting annual events on the geek calendar if there ever was one. And I'm gonna be attending it with my mate Mike in approximately 8 hours.
Supernova's basically a huge excuse to gather up all the different nerds in Sydney in one place. In order to make it sound less uninviting when mentioned through the mouth of a level 24 jedi consular to the ear of a potential score in the form of a member of the opposite sex, they called it a 'Pop Culture Expo'. It may very well be since its a celebration of a combination of comic books, video games, and cult sci-fi television series, but it should have been aptly named the Convention of the socially-inept. Wow, how badly am I dissing this ay? Nah, it'll be heaps fun and I'm actually heaps excited about it.
There will also be a slew of B-grade television and film actor celebrities at the expo, although I question the title of "actor/actress' placed upon some of these individuals. Some of them were hired as extras in mocap bits in some cheap sci-fi tv-movie. Ok, put it like this, the most famous person thats gonna be there is Jared Padalecki. Yeh. you have no idea who he is ay? He's the tool from Supernatural. Who? Um....he was in House of Wax. ??? Ok, nevermind. Apparently Hayden Panettiere from Heroes was gonna be there, but due to some bullshit Screen Actors' Guild Strike, she had to stay in LA to finish film the season. So that must have been devastating for hundreds of nerds out there who were gonna be decked out in their best dress shirt with it tucked in their trousers and slicked back hair and the polka-dot tie their mum chose for them. So instead their gonna have to make do with some dude who's face makes me really angry.
Anyway, come by my blog soon and you can hear the new podcast where me andmike will be talking about the events of the day and various other news topics, including our inability to finish Lego Star Wars cos the puzzles were too hard.

If only this were true and not just a fashion statement. ='(

Mr Jamie
6:30 PM on 06.19.2008

So my xbox is coming in a week. I know delays, what are you gonna do.
Me and my mate Mike started a blog/weekly podcast as an extra-curricular project for our degree. It's basically a place where we blog about the happenings and events of our lives in Sydney, Australia. But it's got a fair amount of news and technology content. So, please visit and give me some feedback on how to make it a bit better and attract more traffic.
And oh yeh, don't forget to subscribe to the podcast as we are doing an Expo special cos this sunday we're off to the Supernova pop culture expo '08. Hayden Panettiere was supposed to be there i think.
Much appreciated guys. =D
lol, before i forget, here's the link: Sydneycast
if we get anough popularity, we're gonna put alot more committment into it and get a proper domain.


So after a couple of years of firmly placing my feet into the concrete of pc gaming, i've finally called my own bluff and realised the only reason i havent got a console yet is cos i'm a cheapass.
so today i placed the final bid for a used xbox360 console. yeah i know, i didnt get a new one cos they are still so damned expensive, and i didnt want the suckass arcade package.
but basically its a pre-hdmi pro package thats less than a year old with extended warranty, 3 controllers, vga output box, headphone, and 12 games. for $AUD600 including interstate postage. so yeh, quite a bargain, considering a new pro console at EB games goes for around $AUD600 as well. so i thought fuck it, i'll get it with my tax returns money.
so this will be my first foray into current gen console gaming (not including the nintendo DS), since my playstation.
here is a picture of the bundle i'll soon be receiving in the post.

i hope i wont be disappointed.
gamertag will be up soon.

So this guy on flickr is like totally skilled at having nothing better to do than recreating iconic scenes from some of our favourite video games.

Katamari Damacy? Genius.

Blocky Snake


dude this totally makes me wanna play contra

stab the sigil

this reminds me of when i was kid and i received a lego set as a present. i was too lazy to build it so i used it as gang warfare weapon supplies during those intense kindergarten playground brawls. i usually came out on top of course.

Mr Jamie
8:39 AM on 06.07.2008

So i read that intel's not gonna allow Nvidia to make any of its Nforce chipsets to be compatible with the new Nehalem architecture.
Apparently it's a tactic that Intel's using as an offensive against Nvidia's tight grip on its SLI license. Great. now, we as consumers are gonna be the losers again. It's a lose-lose situation.
If Nvidia keeps being stubborn, and they probably will, and keeps the SLI exclusivity on its Nforce chipset mobos, then we can say good bye to multi-gpu awesomeness in conjunction with the next line of awesome intel cpus. While if Nvidia gives up the license to intel and allows intel chipsets to feature SLI, then we're probably gonna stop seeing awesome nvidia mobos because they just wont have the incentive to make them awesome anymore.

I say for the good of the masses, Nvidia loosens its grip on the SLI license and the universe will be in harmony again. in awesome CPU+ multi-GPU harmony, that is.

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