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Mr. Gumsandals gots ideas. Some good. Some not so good. He's basically an old school guy into strategy games. But that doesn't mean he don't like to blow things up. Who doesn't, right? He lives in Miami Beach because someone's got to do it. When not enjoying the Number 4 (one of the world's greatest inventions) at the Dunkin Donuts on Alton Road while watching some of the most beautiful women in the world pass by in attire that would get them arrested in most cities, he tries to make a living as a writer. In between gigs, a gap measured in light years, he blogs. Here's his most read post on MiamiVision Blogarama. The Miamicentric blog has over 150,000 page views now. Not bad considering he gave up posting on it a year-and-a-half ago when he realized his ideas and suggestions regarding south Florida were nothing more than an exercise in futility. Living here long enough will turn you into a Cylon sympathsizer (unless, of course, Starbuck wants to date you). Still, he did have fun when it lasted. One of the things he introduced was a farcial series on Elita Loresca who was a weather girl down here during that time. That series began here. He's sure her Googled name brought many men (and a few women) looking for naked pics and helped bolster the blog's numbers. Thank you, Elita, wherever you are.

Found this re Microsoft's Project Natal: Looks like a lotta work. And fuckin-A fun!

That's Jack Nance's head. He's the poor schmuck in "Eraserhead," David Lynch's first film. I met Lynch years ago when he was touring the states promoting "Blue Velvet" with his girlfriend Isabella Rossellini. This was before blogs and pc's were in there infancy. I'm pretty sure accessing the Internet meant knowing how to code. Things have changed a lot since then. I grew up on pinball before getting hooked on pong and Atari games. I was easily impressed. Now, I'm blown away with what gaming has become. It should become even more amazing in the next few years with the introduction of faster processors.