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Mr Black's blog

12:09 PM on 04.02.2011

Forgive and Forget?

"You know....reading reviews is always subjective at best. Funny thing is that somethings lesser titles don't do is overly pointed out as being a terrible thing while other bigger titles from companies with larger sums of money at stake their short comings are never pointed out. A great example of this is the Call of Duty series. Call of Duty modern warfare and modern warfare 2 and blacks ops all play identical to the last one in the series. Of course the controls are great so no big deal but other games for instance like Dynasty Warriors is shat upon for having the same control that is has always have meaning it is easy to jump right in and go just like Call of Duty. Why is that?
Warriors has great control but why do reviews point out that the game hasn't changed significantly in the last few games although it is a staple of the series which is why nobody liked 6 or 6 empires for the renbu system and 7 goes back to its roots. But Call of Duty, Gears of War and other big games gets a pass for doing that. Those titles play the same way each and every game as well? Its a double standard....
Here is an interesting fact...Call of Duty's developers for Black Ops forgot to animate the sky? Its a static background shot of a very nice looking sky but it isn't animated, I wonder why? The systems out there can certainly do animated sky's, as a matter of fact older systems did too. But no one has ever in any review pointed this out, however lesser titles like any shooter made by Cauldron studios the reviews will say that why doesn't Secret Service have a animated sky?
Well Cauldron makes budget titles for Activision Value, spending less than 10 million on a game which is nothing compared to Call of Duty and the millions 80 plus spent on the development of that game. Cauldron employs less than 30 people, Treyarch employs hundreds. There is a huge difference so their games should not be compared. Triple A titles with a lot of money and time get a pass if they do something that would normally not be forgiven by other titles who do the same thing.
Assassins Creed 2 received much praise and yet when performing up close and personal kills Enzio's hand almost always clips straight through the person he is assassinating...but how come no one points this out. But in Bullet Witch any little clipping issues is pointed out immediately. How is that fair? Treyarch by the way also developed and made the Minority Report video game on the last gen consoles so no they are not without flaws.
Here is another example if you don't believe me...Section 8 vs. Halo Reach. Two of the things you can do in Section 8 is use a Jet Pack (like the old Tribes games) and the ability to Super Speed Run across the battlefield quickly in the third person. One reviewer pointed out that these two abilities were only novel at best and really did not add much to the game overall. Sometimes they are useful but for the most part gimmicky at best. The same reviewer who will remain nameless said this of Halo Reach which also has the same two things you can have for your MP character, Jet Pack and Super Speed Run. These two abilities in Halo Reach helps create a dynamic MP experience since this gives the battlefield a different and welcomed approach to tactics. Zipping around quickly and hitting your jets to keep the game play mobile, exciting, and unpredictable.
So let me get this straight in Section 8 these two things are useless and gimmicky while in Halo Reach the two exact same things are God's gift to gaming MP. Why is that Section 8 is crapped on for it and Halo Reach not? Money...its all about money. Let me ask you all this if Call Duty Black Ops or Halo Reach received a 7.0 instead of its usual 9.5 or 10 what do you you think the fallout would be? Those companies would be calling those sites and magazines and you would see people being terminated from their jobs even though they have freedom of the press.
In closing many games are Forgotten like Bullet Witch, Darkest Days, Turok, Tron Evolution, Dark Sector, Damnation, Fuel, Clive Barker's Jericho, Dynasty Warriors, Backbreaker, Legendary, Turning Point Fall of Liberty, Battle for the Pacific, and many others while games with some of the same flaws such as clipping, non animated sky's, and an occasional tear in graphics and frame rate drops will be forgiven like Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Madden, Assassins Creed, and many others not only are given a pass but Forgiven for it."   read

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