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Andy is Destructoid's Community Manager, and he's here to serve! Need help getting your blog published? Questions about a contest? Trouble with another user? Got a HUGE suggestion? His e-door is always open!

Personal Info

I look like this:

I have two awesome kids:

And a hot wife:

Also, I like Mountain Dew and Half-Life 2.

Disclosure Statement

I have never been directly involved with the creation or publication of any videogame. However, I have backed the following gaming-related Kickstarter campaigns:

Double Fine Adventure
Dragged Away: A Night to Remember
Gaymer X
Spaceteam Admiral's Club Relaunch
'Sup, Holmes? Season 3
Thimbleweed Park
Wasteland 2

I currently patronize one gaming-related Patreon:

The Jimquisition

And I previously supported another:

Phil and Spencer

I also follow (and am followed by) some indie game developers on Twitter, and am friends with a few on Facebook. What can I say? I'm just that cool.

Please note: I am a videogame fan first and foremost, and as such I've been known to sing the praises of the games and developers I like from time to time. That said, I will always endeavor to disclose any relationship (however insignificant) I may have with the people involved with the creation of said game in the event that I write about them. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask!
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Dtoid really is the best website on the planet Earth. And like any best thing, a TON of effort goes into making it that way. The writers do a great job working their tight little tooshies off day in and day out to churn out original content and make the news something worth reading, but in addition to them, there are literally dozens of community volunteers devoted to making sure your comments, Cblogs, and Forums are a really pleasant, really fucking fun experience.

This post is about them!

Though this roster changes from time to time, one thing remains a constant: Destructoid would not be where it is today without the dedication of its community. So let's get to know a few of your fellow Dtoiders who donate their time every day to making this place fun for us all!

Staff (insert joke about STAFFyloCOCKus here)

Dtoid's official community team members are the "public" faces of your community. In addition to posting occasionally to the front page, they monitor your support emails, assist with back-end stuff like account setups and password changes, and more. Here's a little bit about each of them!

Beccy Caine is your European Community Manager, in charge of event planning and coordination across the pond. Even though we only let her out of her cage a few times a year, she is an invaluable asset to the team (and she has a funny voice to boot)!

Conor Elsea is your Community Monster, the head of Radio Destructoid, and THE man to go to if you have questions about setting up a NARP (No Apparent Reason Party) or any other IRL event. #TeamBloodspray for life!

Mike Martin is your Community Play Manager, and long before he ascended to staff level he's been the go-to guy if you want to play videogames with your fellow Dtoiders. Team Fortress 2sdays, Friday Night Fights, Streamtoid, the Destructoid Twitch channel; the sky is figuratively the limit!

Occams Electric Toothbrush is your Cblog Manager, a Lisa Frank enthusiast, specimen, resplendent black grandmother, and all-around community legend. Along with StriderHoang, he is in charge of promoting your best blogs to the front page and crafting fun writing assignments, and he has so much hair on his body you won't know where to start licking!

StriderHoang is your Cblog Co-Manager, the Mario-capped head of the Cblog Recap team, and long-time community blog champion. He and Occam are the Cagney and Lacey of the Cblogs; love them, touch them, and fear them!

Have a question or comment for anyone above? Email them any time at!

Faps for Caps!

The Cblog Recappers are some of the hardest-working Dtoiders you'll ever meet. Every night, they read every single blog you write, categorize it, and recap it in a handy format for the benefit of us all. Remember to thank the recappers below with a fap!

Main Recappers
smurfee mcgee

Crackity Jones
Luna Sy

Staff Liaison

Talk about dedication. Thanks for all the hard work, guys and gals!

New to the Cblogs? Write your intro post today! It'll give the people above something to do :)

Lords of the Basement

Did you know Destructoid has Forums? Me neither! (Apparently they are that way -->) Here are the community leaders who make that place a place worth visiting!



Staff Liaison
Conor Elsea

Any basement can be a scary place, but you people do an amazing job of making it a bit brighter. Thank you all for your service!

New to the Forums? Go introduce yourself! They might bite a little, but you know you like it.

Friday Night Fighters (and Team Fortress, 2)

Do you like playing videogames? Of course you do! Do you like playing videogames with awesome people and not random internet assholes? OF COURSE YOU DO! And boy howdy are the community organizers of our weekly Friday Night Fights and Team Fortress 2sday events ever here to help!

Hank Hill

Staff Liaison
Mike Martin

FNF is a Dtoid community staple, and you people are doing the Lord's work keeping it running. Thanks so much!

New to FNF? There are new playdates every week! Join the fun, noob.

Disqus Deputies

I believe it was Abraham Lincoln who first said, "Don't read the comments." Well, we here at Destructoid pride ourselves on never listening to that bullshit. Here are the people who keep your comments sections (relatively) free from assholes and spambots so that we can all engage in (semi) intelligent discourse (and the occasional GIF war)!

Crackity Jones
Corduroy Turtle
Isay Isay
smurfee mcgee

Staff Liaison
Occams Electric Toothbrush

Remember: if someone with a big gray ROBOT label next to their name tells you you're being an asshole... it's probably in your best interest to stop being an asshole :) Thanks, mods!

Additional thanks!

I'm sure I'm forgetting dozens, if not hundreds of you. So to anyone who organizes a fun event in the Cblogs or Forums, who helps out on the ground at a community meetup like PAX or MAGFest, who assists in creating interesting community content or contests, or contributes to this site in any other way, shape, or form: THANK YOU. Thank you SO MUCH for making this website such a welcoming, awesome place to hang out. Dtoid literally would not exist without each and every one of you. YOU are the reason I am proud to call this place my home <3

Photo Photo Photo

I'm not normally one to write a eulogy blog -- especially a mostly NVGR one (Seaman notwithstanding) -- but the news of Leonard Nimoy's passing has really hit me hard :'( By all accounts Nimoy was not only a pillar in the nerd community, but a hell of a nice guy to boot, and the world has truly lost one of its greatest examples of humanity today.

One of my favorite of Nimoy's roles (other than the obvious Star Trek: TOS) was in the underappreciated JJ Abrams show Fringe. As William Bell, Nimoy was charismatic, funny, and at times a little bit frightening, and I always looked forward to seeing his name in the guest star list at the beginning of his episodes.

Rest in peace, Mr. Spock. You were loved by millions and you'll be missed by everyone who has ever seen your work <3


Are you a Dtoid community podcaster? If so, this post is for you!

Here's the deal: Occams and I are working on a front page thing to promote our fine community podcasters (that's you), but we need a bit of help to get it going. First thing's first, the gist: What we envision is a post that will list each of the active community podcasts (say, anything that's been updated in the last three months or so), a brief blurb about each show (which community members are featured, what it's about, etc.), and a direct link to the most recent episode of each. The idea is that we will then "bump" the post once every couple weeks (or whatever) with updated links to the most recent episode of each show, etc., so that it's constantly put in front of people's faces (and hopefully, their ears).

So what do we need from you? Well, we need to know what each of your shows are about, duh. So if you host a podcast on our Cblogs, please do the following:

  • PM me a short (100ish words or so) synopsis of your show so I can add it to my post.
  • Include a 620x250ish piece of banner art, if possible.
  • Tag your future podcast Cblogs with the "Podcasts" tag. Some of you aren't currently doing this, and that is naughty! (For a screenshot of what I'm talking about, look here. Doing this will make your posts appear in this list, which will make my "bumps" easier to update.)

And that's it! Banner art, show synopisis, link. Simple and effecient for our readers/your listeners, and easy to keep updated for Occams and yours truly. Any questions? Suggestions for making this better? We're all ears!

That was a podcast joke.

Please note that, while I think this is a fine idea for now, the intent is for this to only be a temporary solution until we get a site redesign later this quarter. At that time, my hope is that we will have some sort of front page portal that will handle all of this for you (similar to the one that appears on the front page highlighting the most recent Cblogs we currently have). Any ideas on how best to implement that feature are also welcome :)

Photo Photo

As of last month, I have officially taken over the task of making your HUGE memberships something worth dropping $3/month on again. That started with a fun new "Bonus Levels" monthly newsletter (new issue out tomorrow!), but that was just the beginning.

Here's the short list of what we're currently working on for early 2015:

Loot Crate partnership

Do you like loot? I like loot. That's why Dtoid has partnered with our friends at Loot Crate to give away three crates every month to random HUGE members! Think of this like the auto-entry you currently have into every contest, only the contests aren't even open to the rest of the world. Also, should you decide to subscribe, you'll be able to save 10% on all purchases by using the coupon code "Robot" at checkout! (That perk will be available to all.) We'll have more on this when we do our first Loot Crate unboxing on the front page soon :)

User reviews

This one's been a long time coming. In conjunction with a site redesign scheduled for early 2015, official Dtoid reviews will soon have a "User Reviews" sidebar right alongside the official score, which will link directly to any community reviews of the game in our Cblogs! While this feature is planned to be open to all at some point, HUGE members will get in during the beta phase, so you'll have direct input on how the feature is implemented. Sweet!

More customization

Not gonna lie: my very favorite HUGE perk is the ability to customize the site background with whatever I want. For a while, this pic of Young Holmes graced my every move on the site, but recently my narcissism got the better of me and I replaced it with an absolutely gorgeous selfie of yours truly. Good god I'm beautiful.

On that note, Niero and the engineers have been hard at work on a half-dozen other customization options, ranging from replacing the Dtoid logo with a picture of your own face (or ass. Or elbow) to blowing up the front page with strobe lights. (Why? Because we can.) We'll update you all with the full list once it's done, but know now that it will be silly and dumb and you will fucking love it.

Patron page

This one's pretty simple: a page featuring every single person who supports the site via HUGE subscription. All of your beautiful faces in one beautiful place!

Cblog stats

Ever wonder how many people are reading your blogs? Well wonder no more! Soon, HUGE members will have access to the same stats that us front page writers have, so you'll know exactly what kind of audience your words are reaching. It's simple stuff, but a welcome addition!

HUGE member of the month

Starting in January, I will be profiling one HUGE member every month in a front page post. We'll talk about your deepest fears and darkest desires, and basically anything else you want to share with the world. You'll be famous! (This will be opt-in, obviously.)


Every time we pick a winner for a contest, we take all the entries from the front page (or wherever), add in all the HUGE members, and let decide who takes home the prize(s). Well recently, HUGE member king kong five took home a fucking PlayStation 4 and he didn't even enter the contest himself! Talk about a return on investment.

Typically, once the holiday season is over, the number of contests we're presented with slows down, but you can rest assured knowing that more beta code giveaways are coming your way (new ones launch tomorrow) and that you're still being entered in every contest that appears on the site.


There are a few more things being brain-stormed, but that's all the stuff that's ready to talk about at this point. As always, please share any suggestions or concerns you have regarding HUGE in the comments below!


Radio Destructoid records its 50th episode this Saturday -- 50! -- and we've been blessed with some truly amazing guest hosts from the community over the course of the last two years. Well, we want to continue that trend as we head into season 3, which is where you come in!

If you're interested in being a guest host and hanging out for a few hours with Mxy, Conor, Kyle, Beccy, and me, just send us an email at community[at]destructoid[dot]com and we'll add you to the schedule! It's almost always a not-awful time; I promise.

Also, if you've got a community podcast you'd like to promote (or anything else community-related, really), we're always accepting short audio clips to play during the show (think "sponsored by" commercials during an NPR broadcast), so send 'em in!

As always, you can stay tuned to the latest Radio Destructoid happenings by joining our Facebook groupfollowing us on Twitter, and subscribing to us on iTunes. Thanks for listening!

[Image credit: Roberto Plankton]


DOOM is timeless. I don't think anyone would argue against that. And yet, while it's one of my absolute all-time favorite games and I'm beyond happy to replay it year after year (which I do), even I can admit that there have been a few modern game design improvements in the last 20 years that even the great grandfather of first-person shooters could benefit from.

So as Doom 4 (not gonna call it just DOOM, sorry) trudges its way through development, I'd like to offer a few suggestions for id to consider in order to properly bring DOOM into the 21st Century.

Let us look up and down

As much as I enjoy firing a rocket and having it shoot straight up off the screen at an unseen foe, or standing at a ledge and getting my boots scratched by an enemy 100 feet below in a pit of green goo, the ability to simply look up or down to survey the scene around you would be a welcome addition to Doomguy's utility belt.

I mean, maybe I'm alone here, but I, for one, would love to walk across narrow pathways like the one in the screenshot above and not have it be the videogame equivalent of the "leap of faith" scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Exotic vertical level design has always been one of DOOM's shining accomplishments, and I certainly don't want to see that change. But why not let us take it all in?

You've clearly got a mastery of the X-axis; Y U NO Y??

And while we're at it, a jump button would be nice, too

Look, I'm gonna cut it to you straight: the "puzzles" in DOOM and DOOM 2 where you have to run across pillars, corner-to-corner, in order to collect items are literally the most frustrating of any videogame I've ever played. How many of you Tabbed out into the map just so you could position yourself directly on the corner of a ledge (since, again, you couldn't look down to see where you were standing)? Yeah, me too.

Just let us jump, id. Jumping is fun, it accomplishes the same task, and it doesn't make us want to slit our wrists in the process.

Crouch can go fuck itself, though.

Give the monsters something to do

This one is bound to be controversial, but bear with me here. I'm not saying they need to be full-on NPCs like in an Elder Scrolls game or anything, but I'm cool with making it at least look like the demons, zombies, and imps were doing something before I got there. Have me walk into a room and find them feeding on a corpse or playing basketball or something; I'm not picky. But just standing there literally forever with their backs to me until I make a move? Come on, even zombies ain't that boring.

Don't bother explaining the dudes in the monster closets, though. As far as I'm concerned, their being stuck in there is pretty self-explanatory...

Make doors look like doors

Now before you ask, no, I'm not talking about hidden doors to secret rooms. I'm talking about the actual doors that are required just to progress through the level. Having what looked like a wall in a previous level be a door in the next is just plain mean, and caused many a premature bald spot due to scratching my young head when I first played through these games.

A bit of consistency is all I'm asking for. I'm even fine with making them all look like vaginas or assholes if that's what it takes.

That's literally it

No really. DOOM is perfect except for those couple things.

So don't you dare fucking change anything else.

Photo Photo Photo