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Mozington avatar 7:59 PM on 06.21.2013  (server time)
Pokémon X and Y - The Fairy-Type

So recently at E3, Nintendo broke the big news that there was an 18th type coming to the Pokémon series, the long rumoured Fairy-Type. This is huge news, as it is the first time that a new type of Pokémon has been introduced since the Second Generation way back in 2001 (for us Brits anyway). Of course, with a new type being introduced into the series, it dramatically changes how people play the game. For people who focus more on the Wi-Fi battling aspect of the games, this means that there are all new strategies at their disposal and new ways to counter certain Pokémon types, since it has been confirmed recently that Fairy-Type is super-effective against Ice-Types as well as Dragon-Types. However, for people such as myself that focus on playing through the main story, the change isn't as big. It just means that we have a new type to use as well as a new type to defend against. Since less strategy goes into playing the main story, it doesn't have a massive effect on how people will play the game.

Some of the confirmed Pokémon to have this new typing, as seen above, are Jigglypuff, Gardevoir, Marill and Sylveon, a new Pokémon that was announced as a new Eeveelution a few months ago. The choice by Game Freak to change the types of older Pokémon is a controversial one, yet I believe that it was necessary. Why you ask? It's simple really. If Game Freak chose to just focus on making new Pokémon to use as Fairy-Type, it would limit the number of Pokémon that would have this new type. It also gives them an opportunity to change they type of Pokémon such as Clefairy and Snubbull, whose Pokédex entries refer to them as Fairy Pokémon. It'll be interesting to see how Game Freak approach this and which Pokémon they'll choose to include in this new type.

Now, a lot of people are split on what they think of the choice to include a new type so far into the series' life. Some fans say that it's a good choice as it changes the way people will think about how they battle, whereas others say that the new type should have been included in previous generations. Personally, I don't see why people are against the inclusion of this new type. We've had the same 17 types of Pokémon for well over a decade now, and I've been waiting for a change like this to come along for a while now. The inclusion of the Fairy-Type is a breath of fresh air for the series, as in my opinion, using the same types for the last 12 years was becoming a bit stale, as other than a few new moves being thrown in every generation, there wasn't enough of a change to keep me truly enthralled with battling. Don't get me wrong, I love all of the Pokémon games, and for me defeating an opponent is a great feeling, but when I've basically been doing it the same way for over a decade, a change such as the Fairy-Type is a welcome inclusion for me, as I know it is for others out there.

Written by Jordan Morris (@MozPlays)

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