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Moxxie avatar 6:38 PM on 02.11.2012  (server time)
Blog the First: Introduction and "Gamer's Block(?)"

Iím Moxxie, a long-time enthusiast of the videogames. I have been alive since the middle of the Eighties and have been fascinated by assorted electronic media for much of that time. I have a permanent companion who also loves videogames, but I do not think that she thinks about them as much as I do. Iíve been reading Destructoid for a somewhat limited amount of time, but find myself in recent months on the site daily via mobile phone. I once spent a great deal of free time writing stories and blogs and various bits of thought, but have, as of late, fallen out of said practice. This blog is created with the intent of rekindling the practice of writing with an obvious focus on games.


As weíve (somewhat) recently slid into the start of another year, Iíve noticed a wealth of people discussing their videogame backlogs and goals for the year. Whether itís simply an effort to catch up on the previous yearís new releases or perhaps trying to justify a wealth of Steam holiday purchases, people have plenty of games that they want to complete. I am not so different. Though Iíve no list, there are certainly videogames that I have intention to play. Despite this, one might say that I am plagued with a certain condition. Perhaps this is familiar. Perhaps an acquaintance has this issue. Perhaps you, dear reader, are like me.

I chronically leave games unfinished. Now, donít misunderstand. Everyone (I assume?) purchases a game now and then that fails to meet expectations. Or maybe it just doesnít click. Itís certainly easy enough to come by a number of titles that are inexpensive enough to be bought on a whim. Any game, big or small, can disappoint and I should think that many a player would abandon something found unenjoyable.

This is not the issue I address. Games that I love have, in recent years, fallen largely to the wayside. Consider: I purchased in 2011 perhaps a dozen games, perhaps as many as two dozen. During the year, I completed maybe nine? Out of those nine games, three were games purchased in 2011. Granted, this discounts games designed to be completed over and over in fairly rapid succession as with arcade-style games. This is due in no way to disliking my yearís purchases! The chief example of 2011 is Dark Souls. Unquestionably in my shortlist of all-time favorites, Iíve yet to complete the game. More perplexing still is the fact that Iíve probably dumped a hundred or so hours across numerous characters, each with different focus. I can navigate nearly the entire world of Dark Souls handily but still, at some point, I just stop playing.

Many games have succumbed to such a fate in my hands: Valkyria Chronicles, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Vagrant Story, Borderlands, Oblivion, Fallout 3, Dead Space, even Resident Evil 4. I could go on and on and on. . . Note also, during 2011 I played through Half Life 2 and its subsequent episodes yet again. As well as Cave Story and Mother 3. Again.

Perhaps itís not so odd. Maybe these tried and true experiences bring comfort. Perhaps thereís just no room to love any new games in my cold, little heart. But wait! I do love Dark Souls even without finishing it. And I did finish NieR and it, too, is dear to me. Iíve plenty of love to give to my games. So it is this Ďquirkí that I will solve during this, the final year. That is my 2012 Ďresolution in videogames.í

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