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MowDownJoe's blog

1:37 PM on 03.06.2012

Google rebrands Android Market as Google Play Store; Has Sale to Celebrate

First, Google decided to consolidate their privacy policies. Now, Google is making sure everyone understands that they own Android. Google recently decided to rebrand the Android Market as "Google Play", which only makes se...   read

7:47 AM on 01.19.2012

Mobility: Kairosoft is my Addiction

Kairosoft. Probably a name you've heard of before. At the bare minimum, you recognize the screenshot above as being from Game Dev Story, a game of theirs that made the rounds for iPhone and Android two years ago. While the ...   read

2:20 AM on 12.06.2011

Xenophilia: They Might Be Pigmasks

Alot has been said about Mother 3 because... well, there's alot to say. It's a shame that it never got an official release outside of Japan, because it's clear that alot of care went into it. And an equal amount of care went ...   read

2:05 PM on 06.30.2011

[Shortblog] Sign the Petition to Keep Streaming Legal!

So, we all saw the post Jim put up of Bill S.978, right? The one that'd outlaw streaming? Well, I don't know if you've noticed, but I put up some videos that would fall into the range of what that law would mark as a felony. ...   read

9:02 PM on 05.27.2011

You probably didn't see my newest Let's Play inside that failpost I made...

So, I just removed the offending failpost and extracted the playlist embed. Although, commiting c-blog failure and then shamelessly promoting videos you've made probably isn't much better. And I'm probably burning through al...   read

7:26 AM on 05.21.2011

I just finished Okamiden, and now I miss my dog. *spoilers within*

That is my dog, Mickee. Well... was my dog Mickee. She died earlier this month. At least, if my memory is correct, that was when she died. It was a very sad moment for my family, and I tried to block out the details because...   read

1:52 PM on 03.23.2011

I haven't whored out my newest LP, have I?

Well, that just seems wrong. Especially with me being in the home stretch (as far as videos uploaded... the actual taping and editing has been long done). And especially after I wrote a bit in my C-Blog about what doing it h...   read

3:07 PM on 03.20.2011

What I have learned from making Let's Plays...

So, as of late, I've been making Let's Plays and putting them on YouTube. I was quick to promote the one I did for VVVVVV on my C-Blog, but I haven't said much beyond that. Well, I've been doing one for Beyond Good & Evil. Al...   read

9:03 PM on 02.21.2011

The whole playlist for my VVVVVV Let's Play (because it's less spammy that way)

So, apparently, I forgot to make public the posts I made where I put up my last two episodes! Whoops! My mistake! Rather than spam up the C-Blogs with multiple posts for each episode, I figured I'd post just the playlist fo...   read

1:57 PM on 02.15.2011

I think it's kinda sad that I'm mainly using my C-Blog for self-whoring...

So, I thought I'd keep going with my VVVVVV Let's Play. It's probably not the best thing ever, but it's good practice, if anything. Anyway, here's part 2. Feel free to critique. Hell, throw critiques at me by the barrel. It's the only way I can improve.   read

5:28 AM on 01.31.2011

So, I'm thinking of doing my own Let's Plays, and I want some feedback...

Yeah... doing a Let's Play has been an itch I've been meaning to scratch lately. I don't know where, how, or why I decided to do this, but it's been on my mind. Yesterday, I had an hour free after clearing my plate of all my ...   read

6:11 AM on 09.21.2010

[QuickBlog] So I got to be a guest host on Goozex's podcast recently...

Yeah, I really don't know what else to say about that. I mean, I'm sure most of you know what Goozex is, what podcasts are, etc. etc... Alright, enough snark. A while back, the hosts of the GoozCast put out a call on the Goo...   read

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