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8:57 AM on 09.16.2011

Although I wrote off IGN after they gave GTA4 a perfect 10, it doesn't seem to stop me from checking their scores. After wading through half a days worth of Activia adds popping up on my screen I find that IGN has given GOW3 a 9. Big surprise. Especially considering IGN has given every fall "big hitter" a 9 so far. Resistance 3; 9. Deus Ex; 9!
Look, I haven't played GOW3 yet, and I'm certain it's a 9 or above. However, if you're going to use a point system, as IGN does, then take advantage of it! When was the last time you saw a game get a 9.1 or a 8.6? I know it happens, but the trend lately seems to be that if you make a game, and there is ANY amount of hype around it, your game gets the ole obligatory 9.
When I see a 9 I automatically think that the reviewer is lazy. Either that or they are trying to perform a balancing act between not pissing fans off and making sure that studios will still advertise with them. However, it seems more often than not IGN has leaned on the side of studio. Games are F#$%ing expensive! And if you're like me, YOU PLAY A LOT OF THEM! The folks at IGN are the "rich kids" of the gaming community. They have a very large following and they capitalize off this hardily. For them to skirt their responsibility to the audience is shameful. My advise to IGN; go back to your root and start giving games an honest grade. The gaming community will be all right without all the Activia ads.

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