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Morbid Demise's blog

11:38 AM on 09.02.2009

Barbie Winter Wonderland: Game of the year eddition.

I have recently noticed a trend in the video gaming industry that alarms me. That trend being that Games that have never received a GoTY award, have a GoTY edition of their tittle and that's a problem. I first noticed it with Gears of War 2. Gears of War received such an award back in 2006, but Gears 2 did not. another game that I have noticed following this similar trend is Left 4 Dead. I was looking up to see if any progress had been made on Left 4 dead 2 and I see in the corner of my screen an add for Left 4 Dead:GoTY edition. Is is coincidence that both of these are 360 titles? I don't know. But if things like this continue to go on, how long will it be before we see Barbie Winter Wonderland: Game of the Year Edition?   read

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