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My real name is Mark. But my name is also Mooks. It's short for Mookie. I want to be a writer, a director, a musician, a game designer, an actor, and a constantly awesome person. Most days I forget I'm a senior in college.

I have been gaming since I was a newborn, when my uncle put an unplugged NES controller in my hands. In some ways, I've never let go. From there I took the Nintendo/PC path down gaming lane. I had a Genesis, but the only games I had were Sonic games. My favorite game growing up was Earthbound.

I am obsessed with story in video games and am always looking for the next game that makes me laugh, cry, or think. Although I also love a good mindless shooter or puzzle game here and there.
On the topic of best stories in games, I believe these titles, in no particular order, showcase what I believe to be indicative of our medium moving forward as respectable artworks.

Mother (1 2 and 3)
Metal Gear Solid (particularly 2 and 3)
Anything touched by Tim Schafer
Shadow of the Colossus
Silent Hill
Eternal Darkness
Half-Life series

More to come as I think of them.

But yeah, that's it for now. See ya around D-Toid.
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That's me. The awkward looking one.

I also feature in the video proper, seen here!

Huzzah! Ant-sized internet celebrity!

Ok fellow Atlus nerds, especially of the Shin Megami Tensei variety, you probably have heard about their new HD game for the Xbox 360 and PS3, that takes place in the current Persona timeline. If not, here is the announcement.

Though it probably won't help anymore than watching this amazing debut trailer will. I think we can safely say that.... this will extremely interesting, and probably amazing.

Josh Tolentino has some more news here.

So, I really like Double Fine. They are among my favorite developers out there, despite only having made two games, one an industry darling, and one a divisive love note. They are, however, headed by Tim Schafer, who just celebrated twenty years in the industry, and that put them several hundred points ahead anyway.

At anyrate, Double Fine just celebrated it's tenth anniversary, which is quite the accomplishment for a small independent group. And to celebrate, resident Art Director and overall awesome guy Scott C. drew up an amazing comic in celebration, bring together the three mascots of the developer.

Long live, Double Fine, may you keep bring completely awesome and original ideas to the industry. Time for some Psychonauts for me!

The comic can be found here.

Blah blah blah words words words. Cannot wait. This is amazing. The end.

I can't..... what else.... I mean.... geeze... this is like... you know?

Really, can I say anything that this trailer doesn't already yell?

I really wanna know, those of you who aren't interested in the movie, does this do anything for you? Because, this really honestly looks like it might become my favorite game of all time.

I must stress that part. Might. There has been no announcement to the fact that Sony is making an HD re-packaging of ICO and SotC ala God of War 1 and 2. But there certainly has been some murmurings to that effect.

Anyway, some crafty, brilliant people out there have engineered a good look at what an HD version of these beautiful games might look like in splendid video format.

They can be found here.

What do you guys think? If it looks anything like it does in these mock-up videos, they can guarantee that they will get my money on that day.