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MoogleChix0r's blog

1:58 AM on 04.08.2008

Moogles and Their Wear

I've been thinking for quite a while about a moogle-girl costume. Seeing as how they are
(obviously) something I'm a fan of. I've got the moogle hat, the purple batwings, the other
things I have to either make, or find. First being a skirt. Think of Lulu's skirt, then shorten it to
knee-length, and belts all the way around, not just the front, which a black short skirt as a
base. Good idea? It would be a good kickback, me thinks, to the repetitive theme of the FF series. Armings, white and fuzzy ofcourse, possibly too with belts keeping
them on my arms. Any ideas for feet and torso? And no, I'm not going shirtless.

(Things will get more game-related the more I think about this blog.)   read

6:56 PM on 04.06.2008


Well, I finally decided to make an account on this thing, since I happened to make a dancey-vid on youtube to me dancing to Mr. Destructoid. People seemed to like this video, and I figured I'd meet whatever 'fans' I have.

So, Hello~ I'm Amanda Moogle, with the funky small-time 1337 in my screen name and fetish for moogles. Hell, I even had an encyclopidiadramatica page based on this username. Honors all around internetland, I'm suprized I havn't been meme-ized in /b/ yet. Few more dancey vids, if I ever get my cam to work again, and just maybe...

Anyways, since that vid, and those vids about a year ago or so, my hair has changed, my camera's died, and my main computer for daily usage has changed, so, I might be showcasing those in future 'episodes'. We shall see.

~Manda Moogle   read

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