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Monthly Musecast's blog

2:03 AM on 12.25.2009

I need community members.

To get things started with what this is. it's yes, another community podcast coming monthly with one focus. It's been my idea for a few months now to do something like this but I never quite had a hook. I never quite found a way to make it something unique to both myself and the site. Thus the monthly musecast waited. Waited and began to evolve. The first time I tried doing it it came off as me trying too hard. I had to get comfortable with myself in a hosting role. Something that since then I've become. I also had to get a hook. Of course you can just read the sidebar and see exactly what that is.

One thing I do want though is to get a list started for anyone who wants to join in. Also to see if anyone wanted to ask any questions to some of the poeple I've lined up to have on the show over the next couple of months. Upcoming guests will include many professional comic book writers. Thus far it has proven to be a bitch working with schedules of people who make a living working their asses off. not to mention finding ones who have an actual knowledge and intelligence about gaming and can appreciate both what they are and what they could be.

What I need to get started is to build a list of people who are interested in joining in the fun over skype. These aren't going to be your PodToid fun discussions. one thing I do want to start collecting is those of you interested of joining in. I don't care if you are an editor or a community member. If you have interest in discussing games with people who write about guys in spandex punching each other for a living pop your name in. I'll at least try to get through as many people as I can. And on months where schedules can't line up (convention season) I'd rather fill the slot with friends and members of the community rather than just not doing a show.

both comics and games play an important role in my life. Now there is a reason to combine them with my love of Dtoid and it's community.

Now to work on an actual header. As much as that issue and scene was awesome and brilliant it's not really a good header...

-Scion of Mogo   read

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