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Monodi avatar 4:31 AM on 09.21.2010  (server time)

Well well well what do we have here, some freaking DOUCHEBRAH sent me a package a while ago by certain contest dealio.


Let's open this bitch up.

AWW YEE here it is the freaking Ba-- wait a minute... what's this?

... it can't be...

...oh my God I think they are...

Yes! Yes they are! Freaking Tranformers! I have a confession to make, I NEVER EVER had Transformers toys before, thanks for the awesome detail! ... and yeah, I fail at transforming and rolling out these things...

Now let's see where is the other thing that I...

AH! Here it is!

The freaking Goddamn Batman! Thanks for the cool gift brah! I didn't expect it to be sealed, though. I mean, it's freaking awesome that it's factory sealed and all, but it means I cannot take it out without making it lose a lot of value. Either way, it will make a good home here in my apartment. Thanks again!

... but that's not all!

Zombie Daredevil figure? Sweet! Daredevil is not really my favorite Marvel superhero, but I still think that a blind ass kicker is rad. An UNDEAD blind ass kicker that looks like a LEGO character! This is one is sealed too... should I open it?

I suppose that's all, only thing left is a bunch of newspapers-- wait WHAT?

NEWPAPERS IN GOBUNBRAHNESE? Deluxe service, my friend! Worth the wait!

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