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Monodi avatar 9:57 AM on 02.13.2010  (server time)
My Expertise: Amateur Commander and Strategist

There are times that the battlefield will look like a disgrace. Our defenses are low, our snipers just want to back off, and the enemy got us surrounded. There are times when victory is nothing but a sissy dream or an illusion caused by the loss of blood after receiving the 10% of your body weight in white lead. And there are also times when the problems around make your progress and goals ridiculously hard to achieve.

When those times arrive, it is time for me to grab the microphone, and herd all those god damn animals and make them real men!

Because leadership is a dirty work, and someone has to do it!

Now you listen to me, god darn pricks. We have a lot of work to do, and you better listen to me because everything that we have been doing so far has been darn stupid. And we need to set the table on our favor.

When it is to encounter the enemy you must, first of all, KNOW YOUR ENEMY! And then but most importantly, KNOW YOURSELF! Because when you know yourself, you know what you are afraid of, you know the mistakes you do, AND you know what your talents in the combat are! Otherwise, you will only serve as fertilizer for the new grasslands.

When I say that I need a Scout, more Medics, and less Snipers, you better god damn listen to me because I am not wasting my spit in stupid crap like being a coward or let the others do the job for me. The best way to protect your units, is to keep communications open and do not ignore anyone's advice and suggestions, because that is what team work is made of. If you listened to me, I will listen to you, and if I listened to you, you better darn listen to me too!

Do you doubt of my strategy? Well, why don't you give me YOUR plan, mister whiny-pants! If you got something to say it better be good, and we can also argue what would the best idea be. And for everyone's sake, make all strategies private! Remember that loose lips can sink ships... and my patience!

War never changes, gentlemen! We have been fighting with the ides of Sun Tzu, Archimedes and the warriors of the Fire Emblem for years, and those who know them best, have won the war for centuries.

To be victorious you need a plan. A plan on how to take our foes one by one. Remember to have enough ammo and keep your weapons in a good state, because you will be inoffensive like a deer against a nuke.

It is important to know your team because everyone got a special talent, that special talent as pathetic it could be, has the power of turning the whole track of the victory in our favor. If you got someone who can shoot someone from 3 miles away, get him to take down every winged unit on the horizon. if someone got the heart and speed to survive the crossfire, send him to infiltrate the enemy frontier and sabotage. And another important detail, if you want your people to be even closer to you, treat them like family and don't let a single one to bite the dust. Every time one of my soldiers falls down, I feel like a part in my inside dies too. I care about them, because I am responsible of their lives from the very moment I am telling them where to go.

If there is something really important I have learned in high school, is leadership. Being a leader does not consist on controlling the people, but to take responsibility of the mistakes and lives of the people, because when a veteran arrives home in a box, his wife will cry at me, not the sniper that shot him.

I have to be careful for every detail, be careful of my weaknesses, because I know I have many. I have to cover them with the best defense available and even trick my enemy to bite the right bait.

I have won many battles not only because I am strong, not only because I dedicate too much time into it, not only because I am a veteran; I have won many battles because I trust in my units. My soldiers. My people.

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