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Age: 19 (June 27, '88)
Gender: Vagina
Location: Bremerton, WA
YES: Arting. Comas. Eddie Izzard.
NO: Bees. Stinky bits.
My Nigra: Neonie. GANGSTAZ FO LIFE. *flashes gang sign*

-Katamari Damacy
-Final Fantasies of various sorts
-Animal Crossing
-Pokémon (STFU >:E)
-Grim Grimoire
-Odin Sphere
-Puzzle Quest
-Metroids of many varieties
-Multitudes of Castlevanias
-Chibi Robo
-Resident Evil plox
-Metuhl Geerz
-Guilty Gear XX
-Zeldaz fo' yes
-Wario Ware <333
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Oh look, our rig that can't play HL2. I am denied Portal. Do you understand? Also, PSOne controller attached via USB. Screw VC, I'm going home... err... roms and such.

Anime-style schoolgirl: check
Graffiti: check
Gold-plated custom skeleton-themed chainsaw: check?

Ohhh. Well there's your problem.
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10:57 AM on 01.06.2008

The boyfriend: Picked up two of these so we could play RE:UC together.

Pretty good, but as it has been mentioned already, you can't really sight it in properly unless your rig is set up -just- right. You would need to stand at exactly the right distance from the sensor bar, the right height, and NOT MOVE.

One thing you may not realize until you get your hands on one: The grip is far from ergonomic. Its a thick-arse brick that doesn't exactly sit comfortably in the hands of anyone without gorilla paws. Its acceptable for reasonable playtimes, but it hurts after extended play (not as much as if you tried it with just the Wiimote, however, which is the point).

Last (and definitely least), the nunchaku bypass doesn't snap into place as securely as the slot on the Wiimote. In fact, you can actually just pull it out without retracting the clips. It fits pretty snugly to stay in the slot otherwise, but if you pull, it will come out.

Overall, its still the best gun peripheral atm, and you really can't beat the price. However, the above gripes in mind, its not that much better (or better at all perhaps) value-wise than the zapper package, being that the zapper comes with a game for only $5-7 more (also, don't forget shipping, since this isn't available in stores). If you needed a second gun, though, this is definitely your best bet.

6:58 PM on 12.30.2007

Picked this up yesterday at Wal-Mart (seeing as it's a Wal-Mart exclusive... *shakes fist*).


I've played the original for the Game Cube, and to be honest I find the controls on this version to be a lot easier to manage. It took a little getting used to, but the controls are quite simple and intuitive.

I'm quite pleased that they took this game in a direction that was different enough to not be stagnant but still similar enough to the old game that it feels familiar.

As far as visuals, the graphics are pretty good for the DS. The camera can be a bit annoying, since you can only rotate it one direction in a circle (meaning if you wanted it one notch to the left, you have to go to the right until you get there, annoying). However, that issue has not been something that screwed with the gameplay.

AS FAR AS GAMEPLAY GOES, all the new features/concepts were pretty easy to figure out, and running a park as a 4" tall robot is quite fun. ONE THING I DON'T GET: it tells me that I get 10+ visitors every day, but I never see anyone come in my park. WTF?...


I haven't played all the way through it, yet, so I'll avoid giving it any sort of rating yet, suffice it to say that I imagine it would be pretty high.

8:47 PM on 12.28.2007

I got my ass a Wii at Target. The whole Friday advice worked out well. :O Except it was more of Friday afternoon than Friday night...

BUT I STILL GOT ME A WII. :3 Either the shortage has broken or I'm lucky as hell.


9:57 PM on 12.14.2007

So the other day I roamed out to the mall and got me a fabulous DS game known to the world as OntamaRama.


It's pretty much a music/rhythm game not unlike Taiko Master or Donkey Konga.

BASIC JIST: Fill notes to play them by poking little goobers in the eye, play them by pressing the corresponding directional button.

IS IT ARE BE FUN TEIM?: I think so. Quite amusing, fun and takes a fair amount of skill. Got difficult for me pretty quick, since I don't have any sorts of skills to pay any kinds of bills. Particularly rhytmical bills. However, some of the songs are rather good and I enjoy playing it nonetheless. Seems to be a fair amount of unlockables (songs, play modes, etc).

O SHIT ITS CUTE: Yeah, yeah. Shut the fuck up, douchebags. If you like rhythm-ish type games, then don't fucking pass a perfectly good one up just because it's cute. In fact, don't pass up ANY decent game simply based on cuteness. It won't make your dick shrink to play something adorable.

ANYTHING WRONG WITH IT?: Story mode is incredibly fucking short. Not much of a story to it at all other than you have to save the ontamas. Left me wondering quite a few things (what the fuck are Ontamas? how the fuck can an evil dude get power from them? etc etc etc).

So... Considering all this, I give it about a 7, or a 7.5 out of ten. Super fun, but the fun runs out faster than I wanted.

10:46 AM on 12.01.2007

I still need to take a decent picture of myself in the shirt Snaileb sent me. IT IS SAUCY. I got it like a month ago and have been so freakin' busy with work that I haven't gotten to do much. Anything. At all.


Game things. Yes.

Getting a Wii with my next paycheck. That is all.