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MonkeyKing1969 avatar 3:29 PM on 12.18.2012  (server time)
Middle-Age Angst Gamers

I’ll just say it… If I hear another 24-44 year old gamer (ex-gamer) whines that s/he is less interested in games I’m going to vomit. Understand me it not that I think people of any age should be into games, should not be into games, should be leaving games behind or picking games up according to age. No, the problem is these people tend to have so much angst about the prospect of their view of games changing that they become shrill on the subject. They whine like two year olds, and then, for the love of god, they start going through the ‘levels of separation anxiety’ in public. Much like a toddler loves an audience for a tantrum, your adult gamer just loves an audiences to listen to their reason for – why games are different now, why there just isn’t enough time, what a family is really about because they know now (wink), or why they have evolved out or mere gaming.

Here is the deal, unless you MAKE games there should be no issue about how little or how much you are into games as an adult. Games are a hobby, you don’t see people on SKI magazine message boards saying, “Dude, just not into skiing every weekend any more…guess I’m growing up brah.” Hobbies are thing you either decided to spend time on or you don’t, and depending on your life, the amount of time you spend can vary. Burt the important point is NOBODY CARES!!!!

Really, folks it is okay to stop gaming without writing a ‘suicide note-like’ goodbye on your blogs. No need to start telling everyone, “they will be sorry when YOU are gone from gaming.”

THAT'S ERR WINE!!! Miles Raymond: "...if anyone orders Merlot, I'm leaving. I am NOT drinking any fucking Merlot!"

It is okay to silently and quietly without a lot of fuss to stop gaming. Alternatively, game less than you once did or would like to. Nevertheless, just remember -nobody cares- you not gaining new insights or telling some truth to the world, you just being less or more or differently engaged in a god-damn-hobby. It’s a hobby you fucking-egotistical-twits, not a life changing event. Believe me if you stop gaming you are not making the biggest choice in your life.

It’s a hobby. It’s a good hobby too. Yet, the world will keep spinning without you gaming. Your friends who still game will do so or not without your “considered” input on the subject. There is no need to write ten blogs on the ten websites about your ‘theory of adulthood’. You can just slide down the slope into other hobbies, responsibilities, or activities.

I would say, gaming less in parts of your life is wise. My rule of thumb is play video games from age 7 to 15…then STOP for ten years. Then pick up gaming again form 25-death on/off as you choose. Very simple very clean rules - play, then live the best years of your life, and then do whatever floats your boat after that. However, just do all that without whining or making a big production out of your choices.


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