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MonkeyBlood avatar 9:45 PM on 03.09.2013  (server time)
The Internet is changing...

Facebook updated its News Feed a few days ago and it honestly looks quite decent. I have not used it yet but I wanna see if it is as functional as it is pretty, and based on what I have read, it seems quite ok. Not something like the updated MySpace which is just..well...mostly pretty...if not only that.

But I have noticed a trend going on. How companies like to use white and silver and bright colors, moving away from the customary black. How products are taking a certain form factor (looking more like Iphones than anything else and then trying to not looking like Iphones). How everything is apparently getting sharper around the edges...literally (I'm looking at you Windows 8).

The internet itself is also looking prettier these days. Yahoo's new look is one thing that is long overdue, Outlook makes checking my email less of a daily burden and Google is well....being how it has been for the past years, getting prettier and simple looking as the years go by. Getting prettier is not a bad thing. In fact, this shows progress and how fast we are progressing.

I remember what Facebook used to look like in 2009 and what Youtube was like in 2007. I even remember what MySpace used to look like and other websites like IGN and DESTRUCTOID. Things are looking good for the internet, for the future, as font sizes become clearer, picture quality gets better and web designer find a better color palate. The internet is, so to speak, simpler than it was five years ago. Simpler looking, better on the eyes, and simpler to use. I mean, I can share something on Facebook and Twitter without, you know, actually going through that whole process of going to the actual websites. That wasn't exactly wide spread five years ago.

We've moved on from SD cat videos and non-smartphones (even though there are people out there who still use them and that's fine...not everyone can cope or have uses for such things) to phaplets and laplets and harlem shake madness mayhem. But simply, all I'm saying is that probably in the the next three or four years, the way how the internet looks now will be different for sure. New things will emerge and change how we use and abuse this vast sea of data and connections.

Perhaps each tab will have subtabs. Imagine searching a video of Youtube while having a video playing in the background in the same tab. Or looking at someone's profile on Facebook while looking at your own profile. Maybe Twitter can have it's own side bar, seeing your tweets on the browser while you roam on Google. Surely some of these things may not be new but the internet and browsing it will become far less daunting to some people, and perhaps in the next five years, your grandmother can look up shit on the internet without having to call out your name every five seconds she clicks a link.

The internet is changing, just like the world. We need to accept the fact that things will not always be the same.

Maybe Obama will put forward that hive mind project. Who knows?

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