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9:45 PM on 03.09.2013

The Internet is changing...

Facebook updated its News Feed a few days ago and it honestly looks quite decent. I have not used it yet but I wanna see if it is as functional as it is pretty, and based on what I have read, it seems quite ok. Not something like the updated MySpace which is just..well...mostly pretty...if not only that.

But I have noticed a trend going on. How companies like to use white and silver and bright colors, moving away from the customary black. How products are taking a certain form factor (looking more like Iphones than anything else and then trying to not looking like Iphones). How everything is apparently getting sharper around the edges...literally (I'm looking at you Windows 8).

The internet itself is also looking prettier these days. Yahoo's new look is one thing that is long overdue, Outlook makes checking my email less of a daily burden and Google is well....being how it has been for the past years, getting prettier and simple looking as the years go by. Getting prettier is not a bad thing. In fact, this shows progress and how fast we are progressing.

I remember what Facebook used to look like in 2009 and what Youtube was like in 2007. I even remember what MySpace used to look like and other websites like IGN and DESTRUCTOID. Things are looking good for the internet, for the future, as font sizes become clearer, picture quality gets better and web designer find a better color palate. The internet is, so to speak, simpler than it was five years ago. Simpler looking, better on the eyes, and simpler to use. I mean, I can share something on Facebook and Twitter without, you know, actually going through that whole process of going to the actual websites. That wasn't exactly wide spread five years ago.

We've moved on from SD cat videos and non-smartphones (even though there are people out there who still use them and that's fine...not everyone can cope or have uses for such things) to phaplets and laplets and harlem shake madness mayhem. But simply, all I'm saying is that probably in the the next three or four years, the way how the internet looks now will be different for sure. New things will emerge and change how we use and abuse this vast sea of data and connections.

Perhaps each tab will have subtabs. Imagine searching a video of Youtube while having a video playing in the background in the same tab. Or looking at someone's profile on Facebook while looking at your own profile. Maybe Twitter can have it's own side bar, seeing your tweets on the browser while you roam on Google. Surely some of these things may not be new but the internet and browsing it will become far less daunting to some people, and perhaps in the next five years, your grandmother can look up shit on the internet without having to call out your name every five seconds she clicks a link.

The internet is changing, just like the world. We need to accept the fact that things will not always be the same.

Maybe Obama will put forward that hive mind project. Who knows?   read

3:25 PM on 09.29.2012

Re:Metroid Wii U

Metroid is personally my favourite Nintendo franchise, but I don't think Nintendo was doing the series, especially Samus's character, much justice with Metroid: Other M. To me, it looks experimental, almost like they wanted to try out a new way of playing the game and experiencing it and there were some things that sparked but it also had it flaws. Metroid Wii U should both respect the series as how it had been (Samus by her self and in third person) but re-imagine it (like what they did with Metroid Prime). Here is my wish list and ideas for the next Metroid game on the Wii U.

Samus speaks but little
Samus doesn't speak, and maybe she shouldn't but for those who want her to, Nintendo should probably let her speak (a little) during the cutscenes. It gives her life but also let the player feel more like Samus during the gameplay bits when she only makes her sighs and grunts (which were nice). The other characters can speak as much as Nintendo wants them to but also keep the cutscenes below five minutes or maybe even three and talking in gameplay within a minimum.

Third person/First person
Something that Other M tried. With the Wii U controller, the player could see Samus through different perspectives. First person on the controller screen and third person (preferably over the shoulder like Gears of War or Dead Space, I don't know) on the TV, or vice versa. That way, all details in the HUD could be on one screen while the other screen shows only gameplay. This way, the different visors could return gracefully and the danger bar.

HD with a scare
Metroid is scary when you think about it but its not that quite scary when you play it. With HD, the creatures and characters look the smoother and maybe more real. Change the tone a little, make it more mature but not too mature to the point where you here Samus and other people cursing 'fuck' three times per sentence. Oh, and stop with the quick change of camera angle. Its distracting.

Other M had that SenseMove thing and the dodge which were ok but I hated the slow mo. Samus is a bounty hunter, she should grab and throw enemies like a boss. Dodging blasts is good too but only if implemented properly. I want to see her climb ladders, duck behind objects, take a glance behind a corner like a stealth killer and sprint across a hallway. Most of everything else is good, the way how she shoots and turns into the ball. Nintendo should only what is broken and not change it unless it is necessary.

But Most of All, No more orders, but the story should twist
Metroid Fusion ended with her disobeying the feds. She should pay. She should never take orders from a fed guy, she is a bounty hunter. Not a soldier and I think Nintendo forgets that sometimes. I want to see Samus fight the federation herself as well as space pirates and Metroid. Add a new enemy, not a frenemy (like the X). Sylux isn't new but he has a bone to pick with Samus. Perhaps the Metroid have a new form and can control human (I am just saying).

What do you guys think? And what should Nintendo do with the franchise?   read

8:15 PM on 08.07.2012

Ladies and Gentlement: The WiiBoxStation

What if Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo decided to stop competing with each other and just create one console for all their games? Wouldn't it be genius? It would be perfect harmony. All gamers would jump out of their seats and probably head for the cliffs to see if a super tsunami was coming. And this would.......probably never happen. Only in our dreams. But what if?

We would see Mario games on the same console as Halo games and God of War games. Gamers wouldn't debate on which console is better, which has more power or better graphics. No more fanboyism when it comes to consoles. The online system would be like the internet (it's a stupid statement since online system works through the internet), where everyone is connected through the same kind of device.

But this still probably wouldn't happen. There would disputes because of creative differences, wondering what the console needs and what it doesn't. This is least. The main problem would that there'd be no real competition and thus, this machine would be as expensive as an iPad. The games, themselves, might not be that cheap either. And developers would be scratching their heads because knowing these guys, they would want to ensure their consoles last long. They won't have other companies releasing new hardware, influencing them to upgrade their system.

The WiiBoxStation or PlayXWii or XWiiStation would not be a dream, but a nightmare. Unless something else come to compete with it, perhaps the Ouya, it would be too expensive. However, it's not a fact. The Ouya is dirt cheap compared to the others, small and basically allows free-to-play gaming. I think the Ouya could be good if it wasn't free to play and all the games were downloaded or store on a small device - a jumpdrive perhaps. If the WiiBoxStation was like this, it would be a miracle for everyone. They just need the right kind of storage, the most inexpensive way of making it awesome and a great online backing it up.

This could be the future of gaming. When companies and console collide to make one. The question is, would this be a dream or a nightmare?   read

8:10 PM on 08.05.2012

Metroid 5 is inevitable

Maybe my favorite Nintendo franchise is Metroid. It has so much potential to become as popular as Zelda and Mario, but apparently Nintendo doesn't care so much for it. Even though that is true, a new Metroid title is inevitable and on its way to the Wii U. I just friggin' hope its Metroid 5. There are many things I want to see in the next Metroid game but I'll only mention some.

Metroid 5 should BE Metroid 5
I loved Metroid Prime, its sequels and Metroid: Zero Mission but I have not played Metroid Other M. I am honestly tired of all the prequel or interquels or whatever they are called. They were great game (except for Other M - I only can't make a statement because I haven't played it just yet but I heard it's crap) but I think enough is enough. I don't see the same happening for Zelda and Mario (great franchises I must say). Those series go on. It time for something after Fusion.

Metroid 5 should BE consistent
Other M Samus is the worst I have ever seen. She's sexy (maybe too sexy). Surely, pretty with the mole and all (her eyes are different though) but she's weak in nature. People praise the voice actor, I hate her. She sounds like some weak-ass japanese girl with daddy issues. Her personality doesn't match with her character from the prior games. We need her back. And the new suit from Fusion should come back too as well as the Adam AI computer.

Metroid 5 should BE a mixture of the old and recent features of the franchise and never before introduced
Old features: Beam stacking, Missile stacking. The old samus screen.
Recent features: Scan visor. First-person. Dialogue in gameplay. Doors opening on approach or by switch. Sense-Move/dodging (but not in slow motion please)
Never before introduced: Over-the-shoulder third-person (its cool, don't tell me that is isn't), quick-time comback. Climbing ladders (up and down)

Metroid 5 should BE not crap
This is serious. Metroid is not an FPS or an adventure game. It's both. That's why is great. The next game should take that to the next step, broadening that genre. Metroid is a space adventure but it isn't as flexible as many would like it. Where is the life in the character (blame Other M for this statement), where is the oh-shit-I'm-gonna-die-running-away-like-a-little-girl-from-space-pirates? The fear? Feeling of loneliness (a little less loneliness if you added Adam)? No more forever long dialogue about what we already know and don't need to know. No more unnecessary characters (Anthony Higgs) or un-needed background stories. No fucking prequels! And where the fuck is the Metroid Prime 3 ending explanation?

Metroid has so much potential. Samus's ship could be controlled by the player (probably could include a mini-game). Wii U gamepad screen could allow the player view Samus in first-person and third-person be shown on the TV. Multi-player (good multi-player). An entire new way concept that might just shock all fans. Yeah. Metroid 5 should be boss. I just hope it will. Please tell what you think and your ideas.   read

11:26 AM on 07.30.2012

Next-Gen: Wii U needs

Nintendo is considered one of the best, if not the best, video game company out there. They may not create great consoles consistently, but they do make great games, whether you call them kiddie or not. The Wii was not exactly a failure commercially. It sold the best out of the big three consoles...but I can't help but feel disappointed in Nintendo. The Wii was not graphically capable of running the same games as the other consoles, it wasn't as powerful, it neglected the online community and playing games on a remote isn't exactly something that is considerably fun (it should stick with its main purpose: switching channels on a TV). The Wii introduced motion controls, not something I liked, but soon after that, Xbox came out with the Kinect and PlayStation with Move, making motion controls as infectious and annoying as 3D.

Thankfully, the Wii U is going back to the conventional controller except with a 6-inch twist. A screen! It's not pretty, but that is hardly important. Does it make sense? I see that it will be useful. It's up to the developers to make use of this new features, as well as the other features it will have. With the new additional screen, gamers will no longer need to enter and exit the menu or inventory, obstructing gameplay. They will be able the customize their players, switch up weapons, see the maps and radar and change the options while the game is still in progress. It will make the game less of a hassle (like Zelda with the constant need for changing equipment). This will be the game changer. Another use would be to integrate a different perspective, for example, the TV shows the player in third person and the controller in first person, making the game feel more immersive for some.

Perhaps the most interesting or rather, unique feature Nintendo has integrated in it's new controller is the fact that games can be played on the controller screen while someone else watches something else on the TV. Genius, but not rocket science. And the new concept of asymmetric gameplay also seems enticing, meddling with the game during multiplayer, giving the person with the gamepad the advantage.

But enough of the controller. The Wii U needs to be on top now, and be on par with Sony's and Microsoft's upcoming consoles. The Wii U needs a flawless online system. Users need to be able to play games with other gamers across the world with ease, Nintendo needs to let its gamers be able to download game demos, mods and DLCs, as well as be able to buy games online. The online universe needs to be as fun as reality. The PS3 and Xbox 360 also have access to content like TV shows, movies and other types of media. Wii U should join the party.

The console is expected to run HD videos, and it should do it with ease. Nintendo should have learned its lesson (I only wished the 3DS was as pretty as the PS Vita) from the Wii. The Wii U has to be way more powerful than Xbox and PS3 and I personally think it is. What the Wii U needs most of all is support. Third party support. If Nintendo really wants to attract the so-called 'hardcore' gamers (they really are just mature gamers but they love to call themselves that), they needs franchises like Bioshock, Elder Scrolls, Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Metal Gear Solid, Dead Space and Half-life (whenever that fairy tale comes out)... We all love Mario but Nintendo needs to give the plumber a break; he's done his overtime and the franchise is getting repetitive. Improve the other staple games like Metroid, Zelda, Donkey Kong and Star Fox and reintroduce old titles like Earthbound, F-Zero, Ice Climbers and Yoshi.

Nintendo has the most potential out of the other game companies because they are like trend setters. Look at how Sony has made the Vita capable of becoming a second screen like the Wii U's controller and Microsoft introduced SmartGlass after the Wii U introduced its new system. I love Nintendo but I am not exclusive to one company (I mean, Halo is wonderful and God of War is just boss). Everyone should come up with new ways of gameplay. That's the point of gaming, the fun of playing games. The Wii U's gamepad is quite promising, whatever anyone else says. It's up to Nintendo to wow us all and knock down everyone else. No offense to the fanboys.... :|   read

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