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I enjoy games. Lots of them actually. I enjoy festivals/raves. Been to a fair few. I enjoy smoking weed. It makes my incredibly dull life slightly enjoyable. I like drum and base, old school dubstep (Skream etc), house, most electronically / base driven music. But I also enjoy folk, indie, rock, rap etc etc. Anything that is 'good'.

My first major experience with games was completing Sonic 2 at the age of 5, much to my dads amazement. Its strange, I don't remember his reaction, but i do recall him not letting me play any more games until he completed them first. My all time favourite game is Banjo & Kazooie. God damn I love that bear & bird.

Games I love:
Dino Crisis 1/2
B & K
Command & Conquer
Golden Axe
Crash Bandicoot: Warped
Resident Evil 2/4
Sonic 2
Altered Beast (despite never getting past the third level)
Radical Rex
Pokemon Blue/Gold/Ruby
Super Mario Sunshine/64
Diddy Kong Racing

N64 is my favourite console of all time.

Oh look, It's me!

Here is Lynx. Lazy bastard.
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Soooooooo yer. Its been a while. I have actually forgot how to input pictures and shit, so this is going to be a good old fashioned peice of incredible goodness. For the first time, i want to talk about games, but before that, my absence should be explained.

Im lazy

Right so i decided to trade in black ops, as that game is the biggest peice of over-hyped shit i have laid eyes on. One plus though, i traded in black ops and got Dead space 2 for 6!!! 6 of the queens sterling. And i love it, loved every minute of the campaign and loving the online, nice change of pace from the usual shite i play. Anyone else got it? Add me bros. I also managed to pick up Mass Effect 2, but i am disapointed.....i played the first mass effect on my 57th xbox, and i loved every minute of it. A rpg in space, OMG!!!....So i waited for many days to see it released on the ps3, and it just doesnt live up to the hype. Feel free to disagree, but i get the feeling im not as involved as before, im just an external viewer instead of an active player. But thats just me.

Oh also got fallout new vegas, and once again the ending was practically a custard pie to the face, what the fuck was that about.....almost as bad as fallout 3's ending. Such a shame because i loved new vegas, i thought it imporved on F3 in so many ways, yet still seeming the same, which probably wont make alot of sense. So yer....say something people. What game should i get next? Whatr should i avoid? Should i snap demon souls in half?

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