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I enjoy games. Lots of them actually. I enjoy festivals. Been to a fair few. Currently studying Animal Management, to go onto Animal Behaviour if any of you give a damn.

My first major experience with games was completing Sonic 2 at the age of 5, much to my dads amazement. Its strange, I don't remember his exact reaction, but I do recall him not letting me play any more games until he completed them first. My all time favourite game is Banjo & Kazooie. God damn I love that bear & bird.

Games I love:
Dino Crisis 1/2
B & K
Command & Conquer
Golden Axe
Crash Bandicoot: Warped
Resident Evil 2/4
Sonic 2
Altered Beast (despite never getting past the third level)
Radical Rex
Pokemon Blue/Gold/Ruby
Super Mario Sunshine/64
Diddy Kong Racing

N64 is my favourite console of all time.

Oh look, It's me!

Here is Lynx. Lazy bastard.
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It never, ever seemed to bother me, since the day i bought my PS3 i was fine with it. I mean to start off with i had a 360. Then another. Then another. Finally it pissed me off so much that i decided to try out sony's black box, and never looked back. It was also the first console i got online (couldnt get the 360 hooked up, dont know why...). Now i really wasnt that bothered that about 98% of my friends who did play games, had a 360. Even those with both always went with the 360. At my tender age of 18, everyone is leaving and saying there fairwells as people head off around the country to different univeristys. Everyone but me.

I mean this story really is just a way of venting how sad i will be when everyone leaves, but the most annoying thing is people will still be connected via Xbox live. No one who is going away owns a ps3. But it just makes me wonder.....why? Why does everyone opt for the 360? What makes it so much better? Having never had xbox live (although i have played on it) i cant slate it and claim that pS3 iZ LoaWds BetTEr, but i mean what does it bring extra that the ps3 doesnt, apart from a £45 price tag? I here people claim that the community is better, that its a smoother experience etc, but i always it worth £45? I dont actually know, but my view from what little i have played is that it isnt. For me, my current job is hardly placing me in a awesome finacial position, and that extra £45 could get me a new game, clothes or a good night out.

So with that in mind i dont see why more people dont play ps3. I mean i have seen the odd major fanboy on this site during my short time....wont mention any names *coughSexualChocolatecough*, but the majority seem to be 360 players. Sure, before the price drop a 360 was the obvious choice, but now ps3's are moderatly priced, and have a slightly better games library than before, i just dont get the view of it. Mabye its just my friends. Mabye it goes wider. What do you think, wonderfull community of destructoid?

By the way, in no way was this artice ment to be bias, troll baiting, flame baiting, racist, sexist, midgitist, hurtfull, spitefull or downright awful

Just come to the darkside. Ill pay you.
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