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I enjoy games. Lots of them actually. I enjoy festivals/raves. Been to a fair few. I enjoy smoking weed. It makes my incredibly dull life slightly enjoyable. I like drum and base, old school dubstep (Skream etc), house, most electronically / base driven music. But I also enjoy folk, indie, rock, rap etc etc. Anything that is 'good'.

My first major experience with games was completing Sonic 2 at the age of 5, much to my dads amazement. Its strange, I don't remember his reaction, but i do recall him not letting me play any more games until he completed them first. My all time favourite game is Banjo & Kazooie. God damn I love that bear & bird.

Games I love:
Dino Crisis 1/2
B & K
Command & Conquer
Golden Axe
Crash Bandicoot: Warped
Resident Evil 2/4
Sonic 2
Altered Beast (despite never getting past the third level)
Radical Rex
Pokemon Blue/Gold/Ruby
Super Mario Sunshine/64
Diddy Kong Racing

N64 is my favourite console of all time.

Oh look, It's me!

Here is Lynx. Lazy bastard.
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So currently i have been disabled for electricity. The only way im able to use my laptop is by taking it to work with me. I dont look out of place at all, sat there in a building site with a laptop. It honestly makes me question my manhood, while im scooping some gaming news, the 5 men next to me are reading Playboy while spitting on the floor, doing weights and smoking.

But anyway thats not the point of this preety useless blog. I just wanted to talk about how shocking (electric pun no.1) my daily routine has become with the absence of elecricity. Dont ask me why, but im sure working from 5 in the morning till 6 at night, then going home and watching your family play board games from a distance (me and board games dont go) has driven me slightly insane.

Speaking of which, the last 4 days i have had to wake up at stupid o'clock, and attempt to get prepaid for work in the pitch black. So many injuries. I actually fell down the stairs lastnight, and it hurt way more than i remember. But this blog post isnt about personal injuries or the accidental death of my 2 month old kitten, its about what the evil electricians have done to my gaming capabilities. Which is basically crippled them. The only game i have played in the past four days is solataire, and i am terrible at it. Its almost as if i have been unplugged from the gaming world (electric pun no.2). It depresses me evn more that (i think) the new norderlands dlc is out in England today, yet i am unable to persue my love for the game.

Im disconnected from all my online chums and pals, i have had to cram all the destructoid goodness from the last few days in a one hour dinner break. When i am back and fully functioning, i have a idea for a post which has been praying on my mind for a while. But it needs some serious graft put into it. Until then, chow!!!!
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I feel that everyone who has bothered following me so far should know about this wonderous rap duo, if you are not already aware. Dan Le Sac is the very capable rapper, while Pip handles the (checks ghetto bible) 'phat' beats. The main difference is that the lyrics are actually smart, a refreshing difference to most rappers today, and most songs contain or are a story. If you have any respect for real lyrics then you must love this duo. There best album by far is Angles, i mean the artwork alone is beautiful. Highlights of the album have to be A Letter From God to Man, where Dan reads out a letter that God has sent to earth, and his views on basic principles and human progress.


Its not really about religion, as many people belive, more about the abuse of it. Other highlights are Angles, a song based upon the lives of 5 different people which all come together, and has one of the most 'angriest' endings to a song i know. If you know who Tommy Cooper is, then the song Tommy C is also a massive hit. For those who dont know, Tommy Copper was a british magician/ comedian who died on stage around 1986, but no-one realised as everyone belived it was an act, and cheered and clapped through his death.

While i belive the album is perfection all the way through, the final song i recommend is the Magicians Assistant. Its quite hard to recommend this song without being given a major beatdown about how depressing it is, but the lyrics are just beautiful. The song is based around a girl who is contemplating self-harm, and Dan takes apart how it isnt self, and the repercussions it may have. The backing beat is crazy, throwing jarring sounds and notes that shouldnt fit at all, but somehow do. Dont be put off by how dark the song is, give it some love


The rest of the album has more treats in store, Beat That My Heart Skipped is much more upbeat, along with Fixed, Development and Thou Shall Always Kill, which is crammed with cultural references. I hope you dont just read this and ignore the music. Listen.

Oh and im hoping the videos have gone up. If not there is a link above where the videos should be, because im that nice.

It never, ever seemed to bother me, since the day i bought my PS3 i was fine with it. I mean to start off with i had a 360. Then another. Then another. Finally it pissed me off so much that i decided to try out sony's black box, and never looked back. It was also the first console i got online (couldnt get the 360 hooked up, dont know why...). Now i really wasnt that bothered that about 98% of my friends who did play games, had a 360. Even those with both always went with the 360. At my tender age of 18, everyone is leaving and saying there fairwells as people head off around the country to different univeristys. Everyone but me.

I mean this story really is just a way of venting how sad i will be when everyone leaves, but the most annoying thing is people will still be connected via Xbox live. No one who is going away owns a ps3. But it just makes me wonder.....why? Why does everyone opt for the 360? What makes it so much better? Having never had xbox live (although i have played on it) i cant slate it and claim that pS3 iZ LoaWds BetTEr, but i mean what does it bring extra that the ps3 doesnt, apart from a 45 price tag? I here people claim that the community is better, that its a smoother experience etc, but i always think....is it worth 45? I dont actually know, but my view from what little i have played is that it isnt. For me, my current job is hardly placing me in a awesome finacial position, and that extra 45 could get me a new game, clothes or a good night out.

So with that in mind i dont see why more people dont play ps3. I mean i have seen the odd major fanboy on this site during my short time....wont mention any names *coughSexualChocolatecough*, but the majority seem to be 360 players. Sure, before the price drop a 360 was the obvious choice, but now ps3's are moderatly priced, and have a slightly better games library than before, i just dont get the view of it. Mabye its just my friends. Mabye it goes wider. What do you think, wonderfull community of destructoid?

By the way, in no way was this artice ment to be bias, troll baiting, flame baiting, racist, sexist, midgitist, hurtfull, spitefull or downright awful

Just come to the darkside. Ill pay you.
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Hmmmmm......the other day me and my brother were watching some strange show on tv, when an advert for Call of Duty: Black Ops comes on screen. Myself, have a love/hate relationship with all CoD games after the first Modern Warfare, while my brother, a typical 14 year old, nearly required new pants when he saw the advert. I wasnt really bothered about his enthusiastic reaction, but when he told me that he wouldnt be playing the single player mode, i had to ask him why. His answer was typical, too hard/boring/want to get a head start on the online aspect. He then told me that he hadn,t even played the campaign of Modern Warfare 2. I personally am a huge fan of single player modes, and always see the online aspect as an add on, and always have done. I had to ask him if he had ever completed any single player campaign ever, to which he replied no. I couldnt belive what i was hearing, but it got me thinking.

As a young boy, growing up for me was all about the single player experience, N64 and Mega drive games were a great joy to me. Nothing could compare to getting every single jiggy in Banjo-Kazooie, or trying to see how fast i could complete Sonic. But it seems that in recent years, what originally started as an extra has taken over.

Young people dont care about single player experiences, and it saddens me. My brother started playing games when the first Modern Warfare came out, as before he had no interest what-so-ever. So my Brothers gaming experience so-far consits of 3 Call of duty titles, all of which have only been played online. His friends share the same ideals, and when i ask them i get the same answer of 'its boring'. See, for me i began with the solo experience, and therefore have a great respect for it. I understand the amount of work that goes into developing a solid campaign. The youth dont. And by youth im talking 13-16. But i dont think there is anyway to break this habit.

Never have i ever felt the need to write about something to a bunch of strangers that will probably never get read. But i cant help but think that with the increase in popularity with games such as CoD, where the multiplayer has become a huge selling point, that single player game, GOOD single player games will start to die out, in favour of multiplayer only games. Case in point ; MAG. I havent played the game, infact i never considered picking it up, and the main issue for me was the lack of a campaign mode. Even the fact that it was doing something new for console gaming, massive warzones with 256 players just didnt interest me.

I just hope this isnt the way forward.

Oh yeah im also really special and can not insert pictures. Feel free to mock.