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Moltar's blog

1:13 PM on 01.14.2011

One for the wrestling fans out there

I've always been a fan of WWE's 'Smackdown' series of video games but couldn't help but feel last years offering, Smackdown vs Raw 2011 was an exceptionally weak offering. So much so that I stopped playing it after only a few...   read

6:32 AM on 06.21.2008

UFC Undisputed Video

Mixed martial arts promotor UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) seems to be gaining momemtum all the time. I've been a fan for years, but the sport as a whole seems to be sneaking into mainstream sports circles. THQ, who...   read

6:29 AM on 06.10.2008

Allow me to recommend this: 'The King of Kong'

After a decent weekend, I always like to end it off with a film on Sunday night, so I was reading this month’s issue of Empire magazine and I saw an interesting looking film reviewed in the DVD section going by the name of ...   read

5:38 AM on 05.19.2008

What I found in my garage: VOLUME 2

After recently finding some old Mario figures in an old toy-filled shoebox in the garage, I’ve made it my mission to search every corner of the house to find as much worthless 90s gaming memorabilia as possible. I found a lar...   read

3:19 PM on 05.10.2008

RROD: My Story

So, on Tuesday I got what every 360 owner fears, the Red Ring of Death. I sort of feel a bit relieved I have it. My 360 have been mysteriously buzzing, humming and getting stupidly hot on a regular basis now, so I knew it was...   read

8:19 AM on 05.07.2008

Old/rare Sonic and Mario Toys

When I was searching in the spare room I decided to root through some old boxes. I found an old toy box, full of Mini Boglins and similar small figure collections, which brought back a lot of memories. After a lot of digging ...   read

3:51 PM on 05.02.2008

Martial arts legend in GTA4

I, as I'm sure most sane 360 and PS3 owners are right now, am currently enjoying playing Grand Theft Auto 4 immensely. So what better game to base my first post on? As well as a fan of video games, I'm also a fan of combat s...   read

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