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6:33 PM on 01.10.2010

Contra 4 is my bitch (Part I)

Disclaimer:This is my first attempt to make a blog post, let's just hope it doesn't suck (which probably will, since I don't know shit about image editing and will simply copy some images I'll find around the web) and I would already like to apologise for my crappy english, there will be probably (and hopefully, only) a few grammar mistakes.

I actually plan to tell this story in parts, since I donīt have much time to write about it at once, and if someone actually get to read this. Now, on to the post.[/i][/size]

I finally did it. Finally managed to beat Contra 4. On Hard. And I tell you, it was tough. Let me try to tell you how it was:

Actually, I think I can successfully describe the whole game in just one word: MONTAGE

and a video link (which I don't know if know how to embed or if I can at all):

The first time you pop Contra 4 on your DS, you kinda don't know what to expect. You might have heard from just about everyone claiming the game is god-damn hard, but then you think the game is only considered hard by today's standards, just because every single game today holds your hand through the entire gameplay. When you finally get to the difficulty selection screen, you choose Normal difficulty, just because "easy is for pussies". Two minutes and your ass handed later, you're back to the same screen, selecting Easy.

And basically, you die the same way, because the game is damn hard. I remember having a hard time reaching the second part of Stage 2, until I finally got pissed off.. And started playing Challenge Mode to see what it was all about.

Challenge Mode gives you 40 different challenges (really?), but only a few are availabel at the start, and new challenges get unlocked completing the ones available, but that's not what makes it so addicting, it's all about the unlockables, you can unlock new characters, comic strips and even the classic NES versions of the original Contra and Super Contra. Maybe not for the unlockables itself (if you have some kind of mental problem), but simply to find out what's gonna be unlocked next, that's the catch to beat Arcade Mode.

As more new challenges appears, the more challenging they get (bet you didn't saw it coming), and the more addictive you get on Challenge Mode, the more challenges you want to complete. The first challenges might start very easily, but the difficulty goes higher and higher as you progress and you start to fail. A lot. Since you really wanna beat them all, you just try again until you beat them all.

Thatīs the time when you go back to Arcade Mode and realize that somehow (maybe, magic) your skills are greatly improved and you easily pass through Easy Mode (no pun intended) and you think you're finally going to beat the game and see the ending (on Easy, though). That's the beauty in it, you simply get better playing the game, just like it used to happen in the good old days.

But then, after completing Stage 7, that message hits you:

You might feel ready to beat the game on Normal right after you see it, feel disappointed about it and try again in a few days later or even think you've had enough of it, but the real game is just about to start.

On Part II   read

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