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Mogg avatar 7:39 PM on 10.07.2008  (server time)
Will LittleBigPlanet be the next Spore?

I was really looking forward to Spore. It had so much promise and appeared to ready to revolutionize pc games. Then it was released. I played through it once and haven't it touch it since.

Spore definitely has its bright points. The two most important are the creation tools and the way others' creations are imported into the game. They are unprecedented. However the most important aspect failed, the gameplay. The game wasn't fun to play. It was simplistic and shallow.

I fear LittleBigPlanet will do the same thing. I'm sure LittleBigPlanet will be a media darling, just like Spore. The journalist circle jerk has already begun weeks before its release. It appears to have amazing creative tools and being able to import others' level are a key aspect of the game. However I don't know if the gameplay will hold up.

So far I've seen many videos of the gameplay and it seems to be standard platform fare. How long will jumping, dodging, and pulling things remain interesting? I hope that the gameplay will be deeper that it appears, but if it is not LittleBigPlanet join Spore gathering dust on my shelf a week after its release.

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