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Mogg says:

Let me drown your toad (or My Little Big Planet level is published)

// Submitted @ 10:43 AM on 11.15.2008

I recently posted a blog explaining how awesome the Little Big Planet level creator is. I also wrote about how crappy the level search system is. It's impossible to get people to play a level without shameless promotion, so here we are.

If you are lucky enough to have Little Big Planet, i request you give my level a shot. Its called "bless the creator" my psn id is "IUMogg". I just tried to make a level that fun, its not too tough and not too long. Plus you can win a few items. Please check it out and let me know what you think. I don't have the capacity to take video or pictures of my level or i would add them. (or if i do have the capacity I don't know how to do it)

If you comment on this blog on on Little Big Planet, I'll check out your levels too. enjoy

not my level
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