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Mogg avatar 7:14 PM on 11.12.2008  (server time)
I used to drown toads in my sandbox (or why I love LittleBigPlanet)

"don't drown me"

I grew up in the midwest in a quasi-rural area. Not far from my house where cornfields, lakes, and woods. Part of the benefit of living there was the ability to make the wild my toys. Me and my friends used to go to the lake and catch turtles or go the the window wells around my house and catch toads.

a window well toad village.

After you catch the toads there were only a few things to do with them: scare the neighborhood girls with the toads (which was often worse for us because after you hold a toad for a few mins they pee on you), put the toads in a box like a pet, or, my favorite, build a maze/obstacle course for the toads in the sandbox. Usually the toads weren't really into it, so the they wouldn't try to get through the maze. I would get bored and flood the maze with the garden hose.

I wouldn't really drown the toads. Even though they don't live in water, toads can swim. So i would have had to hold the toad underwater to drown it and I'm not a psycho, so that never happened. They were always returned to their window wells.

Littlebigplanet touches me in my toad maze building place. The creator for this game is incredible. I have been messing around with it since the game was released putting dozens of hours into it and I'm still constantly discover new tricks and ways to use the tools. I haven't even published a level yet.

Publishing a level though is not as attractive as it should be. LittleBigPlanet has a HORRIBLE search system. It really depresses me. I spend some time (often at work) on various video game message boards. The Little Big Planet boards are usually full of people trying to promote their levels because there is no other way to get others to find and play your levels besides sharing them with people on your friends list. The search system is so bad, that I will search for levels based on the actual level name or the level creator's playstation ID and sometimes I still can't find them.

I find this so sad. It takes along time to make even a decent level. Like many many hours. People create these levels and want to share them so they publish them and get like 5 people that actual try it. So If you play Little Big Planet I ask that you support these people and try their levels. If we want to encourage people to make levels we need them to feel like its worth it. They won't feel its worthwhile if they spend hours making a level that no one will play them. Also, if we give them feedback it can improve their creator skills which will only make them better creators.

[This blogger does not condone animal abuse --Ed.]

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