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Moblin88's blog

Will the Dual Shock 4 Be More or Less Comfortable?
5:53 AM on 02.21.2013
The Plus-Side to Developing A Game By Yourself
9:55 AM on 02.08.2013
Why EA isn't so bad! Defaulting to a positive attitude.
9:33 AM on 01.31.2013
2:58 AM on 06.24.2012

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Obviously stick preference is subjective, but I thought I would provide reasons for my opinion. We won't know until we try it, but I hope there is going to be an optional convex stick nub attachment.

One problem faced by many developers starting their own game projects, is their ability to stick through to the end. People like me, get very bored very fast when we work on a project - I guess because of our generations short attention span.

As someone who is trying to make his own game, by himself, it's actually a lot easier to stay on task due to the lack of reliance on anyone else.

Why? Because if you get bored of programming, you can draw sprites, if you get bored of that, you can learn how to make your own music.

I currently had this revelation while creating my games first atmospheric theme:

This endless circle of productivity is actually more motivating than relying on others.

Given how I have tried to make games in the past with other people, they always fell flat or have a lower productivity.

With the new low-resource OUYA console and the resurgance of PC gaming, I predict that we are going to see more and more PC games made by one-man teams similar to when videogames were first starting out.

Hopefully this introduces some variety (and probably a lot of pretentiousness) into our very young medium :)

I was one of "those people" who made a big hullabaloo over Mass Effect 3's ending, the evil of EA corporate decision making and all of that.

I have since changed my mind almost 180 degrees.

Recently I have been looking over old comment posts I made about the ending to Mass Effect 3 and noticed that my initial reaction was "huh, I liked it!"

It wasn't until I submerged myself into the cesspool of online commentary and forum discussion, did I start to become an artist at nitpicking, raging and generally moronic in how I posted and interacted about the game and EA as a company in general.

I was surprised at how mean spirited my posts about the game sounded and the guilt was overwhelming. I clearly didn't think during that period - something pretty much endemic within internet culture as a whole.

Now gladly, I was and never have been someone to single out individual devs and blame them for specific things. I, like most people, were genuinely disgusted at the kind of things devs have to put up with in regards to personal attacks.

But that doesn't excuse my actions in how I put my negative slant on things on the general topic.

Now I made an apology to BioWare here: http://social.bioware.com/forum/1/topic/323/index/15738114

Now EA is an easy target for this kind of slack too, and it wasn't until today that I thought, maybe they deserve a look from the otherside of the coin aswell? Maybe I should shift my perspective on everything and see how that turns out?

What do they do right?

Well, despite the huge amount of textual effort people put into denigrating them they don't ( as far as I'm aware):

- Destroy coral reefs
- Create oil spills
- Send drones in to pakistan that cause "collateral" damage - including the deaths of children
- Import congoalese minerals to make hardware

They do:
- Support LGBT rights
- Try to entertain us and allow us to escape the horrors of the real world with some fun.
- They make it a bit hard and inconvenient to access this content and we have to pay a bit to get it, how dreadful of them to want to make money (i agree they are doing it wrong, but really, who cares in the grand scheme?)

Of course, they are deserving of criticism when it comes to weapons advertising in MOH and the dubious messages in some of their realistic MMS - but the fact we are always dogging them, diminishes the gravitas of legitimate uproars such as the MOH issue.

^ the guy on the left makes money through entertainment, the guy on the right makes money from selling war, his administration sends drones into pakistan, interfere with conflicts overseas, potentially arm rebel forces that may create blowback, and other political agendas to sell to the plebian American public.

Who deserves more scrutiny and "rage" energy in the grand scheme of things?

EA, is an entertainment company, they may buy up your favorite franchises and commercialize them, but at least they aren't buying up your homes and displacing you.

Now I'm not trying to say DRM and bad consumer practices are a "first world problem" with a holier than thou attitude, I'm merely pointing out that it is quite liberating if you just zone out of it all.

Don't get stressed about these things, when you could be getting stressed over worse things.

The choice is yours - This package came with the news of your arrival. You are to take it to Caius Cosades, in the town of Balmora. Go to the South Wall Cornerclub, and ask for Caius Cosades -- they'll know where to find him. Serve him as you would serve the Emperor himself. I also have a letter for you, and a disbursal to your name.

Maybe a bit of general positivity could add gravitas to the moments when we truly want to enact change?

The internet is a bit of a hive of negativity, and I think it would be amazing if at least some of us tried to go the other route. Default to positive.

See how it works.

I certainly feel a lot happier.

2:58 AM on 06.24.2012