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One problem faced by many developers starting their own game projects, is their ability to stick through to the end. People like me, get very bored very fast when we work on a project - I guess because of our generations short attention span.

As someone who is trying to make his own game, by himself, it's actually a lot easier to stay on task due to the lack of reliance on anyone else.

Why? Because if you get bored of programming, you can draw sprites, if you get bored of that, you can learn how to make your own music.

I currently had this revelation while creating my games first atmospheric theme:

This endless circle of productivity is actually more motivating than relying on others.

Given how I have tried to make games in the past with other people, they always fell flat or have a lower productivity.

With the new low-resource OUYA console and the resurgance of PC gaming, I predict that we are going to see more and more PC games made by one-man teams similar to when videogames were first starting out.

Hopefully this introduces some variety (and probably a lot of pretentiousness) into our very young medium :)

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